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Hi everyone! I will admit that I am a little giddy today. See, my Spring break has begun...10 glorious days with NO WORK! At least, none of the day job. I slept in a bit, enjoyed a nice morning coffee and now am sitting down with my laptop to complete two projects - Quiet Kids and Dominus.

Both are in various states of completion. And both are due. Now.

I have been working regularly on Quiet Kids, so I am nearly finished with that one. But Dominus - that was abandoned for far too long. Pulling it out and reading what I have has been nothing short of inspirational. I have been catapulted back into the world of Aydan and Nesy, into their longing and pain. And once again I have been reminded of why I love them so much.

I am excited to be working with them again, excited to be writing in general.

So, to celebrate my break and hopefully get all of you excited about Dominus too, I decided to give you a little, tiny, snippet. I struggled to find something that wasn't too spoilerific. The opening scene didn't work, as it reveals too much of the end of Libera Me. The later chapters were even worse. In the end, I decided on a little scene at the end of the first chapter.

Before I get into it though, I want to tell you a little bit about this book. Dominus takes place six months after the end of Libera Me. It is told from two points of view - Nesy and Lilith. It brings in the passion from Lacrimosa with the emotional angst of Libera Me and the action reminiscent of the final battle scene in Lacrimosa. Whew!

There is love, rage, loyalty, betrayal and death....many many deaths. But, not in these scene.

Here is a little excerpt from the opening chapter, told from Nesy's point of view:

          The house smells musty and cold. A shiver makes its way down my spine as I turn on the shower, quickly flooding the room with steam. Water jets from the faucet, stronger than I would expect given the age and general condition of the compound. But then, nothing is as it appears anymore.
            I step in and allow the water to warm my skin and chase away the remaining gooseflesh.
            A heavy sigh escapes my lips. And another.
            Let go of everything, Nesy. While you can.
            Tristan’s words weave between the trails of water on my skin, soaking into my pores.
            You have a choice. Be the person you wish to be.
            He’s right, as much as I don’t want to admit it. I do have a choice. And I need to move forward, let go of the past.
            Of Celestium.
                        Of Aydan.
            More than anything, though, I need sleep.
            The thought forces a yawn from my mouth as the water continues to wash away my fears and anguish. I lather up my hair and skin, my fingers fumbling with Lorelei’s charm. The familiar vanilla scent of the soap fills my senses and for a moment I feel whole and unbroken.           
            No memories of a boy in Germany.
            No guilt of a botched assignment.
            No death.
            I know none of this is real. It’s myth. Fantasy. But tonight I don’t care.
            The water begins to cool when my mind finally goes blank. No war or demons. No betrayal or pain. Just a welcome emptiness. I turn the knob and stand in the cold, my skin and hair dripping. A shiver returns, as does the gooseflesh. I grab the towel and wrap myself in another cocoon of warmth, finishing my bedtime routine in a haze.
            Sleep bears down on me before I make it to the bed. Before my eyes even close.
            An empty sleep.
                        For now.

Starting next week, I will be blogging regularly and getting back to some sort of routine. Until then, I hope you've enjoyed the little snippet!


  1. LOVE it! And yay for spring break and ten days of no work! *happy dance*

  2. Whoop Whoop!! Tristan is very wise ;) .... Great tease Christine!

  3. Gah! I'm so torn about teasers because they get me all book anxious. I can't wait to get back into Nesy and Aydan's world too! I don't like this talk of many, many deaths though! Can't wait to read it. :]



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