Guess that story - a conversation about retellings...

Happy Wednesday All! Time for another Blog Chain round. Margie  started today's round with this topic:

Pick a book or story and imagine it in a new genre. For example, what would Oliver Twist be like if it was a sci-fi novel. Would Fagin have been a robot? Do you prefer you new creation or the original?

I love this topic. Rewriting previous stories with a twist is a wonderful exercise. Now, let's see if I can come up with one I would love to see...

How about a futuristic Alice in Wonderland? Or a dystopian Wizard of Oz?

I actually love retellings when they are done well. Once Upon a Time on ABC is a masterful weaving and retelling of fairtytales. And I absolutely loved the modern retelling of Hamlet in Falling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray. Even my own Transcend, a retelling of sorts inspired by Phantom of the Opera, took the classic story in a slightly different way (though within the same horror genre).

But I digress...

Bottom line, I love any creative take on familiar tales. As long as the new story feels original.

What do you guys think? Do you like re-tellings???

For more on this topic, check out Sandra's from yesterday, and Katrina's post tomorrow.


  1. Ooh, I love this idea. I need to try that for a NA contemp novel. I've been wanting to try something like this. Now to find the right story to retell.

  2. I love modern retellings and will have to check out Falling for Hamlet. I'm impressed, too, by people who can retell classics with sci-fi twists. Alas, I am not one of those people.

  3. I would have loved to see you expand on those ideas a bit more!

  4. A modern Alice would be nice. For some reason, Alice in Wonderland is one of the first I always think of when we talk about retellings. The second is Pride and Prejudice. :)

    I have Falling for Hamlet on my shelf and have been meaning to read it. Adding your positive review to the pile of motivation to move it up on my list.

  5. I love retellings too, this was a really fun topic. A dystopian WIZARD OF OZ would be awesome. I'll have to check out FALLING FOR HAMLET...more books to read, Yay! :)


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