LACRIMOSA Hardback editions giveaway!

Thank you all for making Lacrimosa's FREE amazon days so successful! I was able to get to #10 for a full day - right up there with some of my fav authors. So THANK YOU ALL!!!

As an extra treat, Lacrimosa is being featured over at Free Book Fridays! FIVE autographed HARDBACKS are being given away next Friday. Stop by and enter!

Be sure to come by next week for exciting interviews, cover reveals, giveaways and MORE....

Man, I LOVE 2013, don't you???


  1. I do! What an awesome giveaway. I'm spreading the word for you!

  2. Heather's doing a great job spreading the word. That's how I heard! Great giveaway!

  3. Awesome stuff happening. Glad things are going well :-)

  4. So glad for you! You definitely deserve the notoriety!


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