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Happy Wednesday All! Time for another Blog Chain round. Amparo started today's round with this topic:

It's a new year, and some writers have taken it upon themselves to switch things up. *points at self* It might be the genres you write in or your revision process. It might be your main character's voice. What's one thing you've chosen to change in your writing this new year? Why do you wish to change it? If there's nothing you're going to change, why do you think it should remain as is?

Wow! This is a timely topic for me. I actually have made a rather LARGE decision related to writing - one I wasn't really going to utter out loud to any but my closest friends. Silly, I know...but I have been vacillating between stark terror and shame about this decision...both of which are silly. And untrue feelings.

In truth, I am thrilled about this decision. It is inline with my goals, matches what I want, and it the right move for me right now.

So, what is it you may ask?

Well... I've decided to dip my toe back into the query pond with my next project.

Some may wonder why? I mean, I'm published. I've ventured into the world of Indie/small presses with some success, yes. And it has been a fabulous experience.

But, for a while now I have felt a void - like there was something I was missing that I really wanted. A partner for the journey; someone to champion my work, push me, and bring connections I don't currently have...

And all of that is what finding the right agent will bring.

So, at some point later this year, once my current projects are ready, I will be dipping my toe back into the query pond. I will admit I am nervous - and excited!

Okay - that is my big news...what's yours? Changing anything up for 2013? For more on this topic, check out Sandra's from yesterday, and Katrina's post tomorrow.

Oh! And I am over at Jessica Bell's blog today, talking about saying goodbye to the Requiem Series. Stop bye and say hi!


  1. You go for it and be determined to be successful. You CAN do it.

    For me, the change comes at the end of March. I am hanging up the teaching career, relocating to Australia, and writing full time.

  2. Good luck and go for it! You're gonna shine!

    1. I'm strangely excited with the changes!

    2. I'm strangely excited to see where it goes :)

  3. That's a terrific reason for wanting an agent, seeking a partner in the process. Good luck to you, though I'm sure you won't need luck as you've got these beautiful books behind you already! Enjoy the hunt!


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