Wherein I Get A Little Deep...

Holy Wow! I can't believe we are in December. I mean, seriously, where did the year go? Truthfully, I am not completely unhappy to she the year come to a close. It's been an extremely emotional year for me...

I released my first novels. I struggled in ways I never expected. I experienced highs and lows, and true to form for me, I was a tad crazy in the process.

Last month, after seeing one of my besties post about gratitude, I decided to follow her lead and focus on my own gratitude. I wanted to see if that focus could help me find my balance. Man, was that an understatement. In fact, my experience last month was nothing short of miraculous. Relationships, job stresses, and other bothersome things from Sept and October - really from the entire year - no longer carried the same emotional weight with me. Instead of being sad about changing relationships or lost opportunities, I was seeing the gifts that each experience had given me.

By no means am I saying I didn't experience some rough lows last month. Man-oh-man I did. In many areas. But instead of allowing the grief to overwhelm me and trigger my crazy intensities, I was in much better balance, able to weather more than I typically can without driving my friends a little nuts. 

Now that we are in December, a time when I ALWAYS take stock of my life and plan the direction for the coming year, I really want to continue my gratitude practice. So, I am focusing on joy.

Yep, JOY!

For the rest of the month, I am applying that same focus I have had on gratitude, to joy...remembering to acknowledge the precious little moments in life - from the planned (like family dinners on Sunday nights) to the unexpected (like a smile from a friend I've lost touch with). 

I can't wait to see what this focus brings!

What about you guys? Any particular focus this month?

I do have tons of exciting things on the horizon, but more on that tomorrow. Since there is SO MUCH going on right now, I will be blogging daily just to bring it all to you, sometimes even twice. Be sure to be here so you don't miss out. I'm talking giveaways almost EVERY DAY...Seriously!

Oh! And don't forget about my paperback sale going on now through Dec 14. The left sidebar as a link.

I am so excited about everything! And since I have been completely WICKED obsessed of late, I thought I'd leave you with a song that I've decided to call my "Mantra" for 2013. Enjoy...


  1. My focus is just getting through the month. OY!

  2. Yes! I think JOY is exactly the best thing to focus on this month. It's Christmas, the kids are so excited. I'm catching their spirit. Here's to you, Christine! :o) <3

  3. At this point my focus is just to survive it with my sanity and sense of self intact. It has been a rough month already, and only at four days into it! But I love your idea of focusing on joy and I will do my best. :)


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