To Resolve or Not To Resolve...

Wow! We made it through another year. I just can't believe how fast 2012 zoomed past. And what a year it was, too. So many highs. Lows I never anticipated. And change...a TON of change.

Most years I don't write resolutions. But I do write goals. Many goals. In 2010, one of  my hardest years by far, I wrote many goals and used 12/31 to "cleanse" out the hard aspects of 2010 and prepare myself to move forward. In 2011, I did nothing - no resolutions, no goals. I has riding a holiday high and decided to just go with it. The results were not exactly what I wanted.

Though, they were probably exactly what I needed.

I spent the year dealing with life as it came - a good thing. And not.

This year, I am again making a decision not to write resolutions. But I will write goals. And I will purge away the past.

I've decided to have a focus for the year, and align my goals with that focus. Having spent the better part of the last half of 2012 in a position of having to self-analyze and take stock, I find myself in a position of clarity that has been different from previous years.

This is not to say it is a "pretty" clarity - it is not. It is messy, ugly and painful. But it is all me. I have come to terms with some aspects of my life that need changing. And I have developed a sort of road map to get there. This map includes my goals - goals in the areas of my writing life, my work (read "day-job") life, and in my personal life. It's my hope that the goals will help with the clarity and focus I will undoubtedly need in order to make the progress I am hoping for this year.

Later this week, I will share a few of my plans with all of you. Until then, I plan to spend the rest of today clarifying the goals even more, committing them to paper and tucking them away in a safe place. Then I will ring in the New Year playing games with the kids as I typically do.

I wish all of you a fabulous and SAFE night. What will you do for 2013? Make resolutions? Set goals? None of the above?


  1. Not a resolution maker. I would like to start some kind of exercise, but if I do a resolution it will never work. We'll see....


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