Happy Release for WINTER WONDERS

I am so happy to say a HAPPY RELEASE for the Anthology by Compass Press: Winter Wonders. This anthology features stories from twenty different YA authors in every possible genre. The proceeds from the book will all go to support literacy through Literacy, Inc.

I am excited to have my story, Enigma, counted among the the amazing shorts in this anthology. Enigma tells the story of Lorelei (yes, the same Lorelei from Lacrimosa), and how she survived her first confrontations with Azzaziel.

Here is a little snippet:

I play mindlessly with the charm hanging from my neck, my fingers noting every curve of the intricate wings. I hate European history, hate everything about it, especially the incessant conversations about the places I’ve tried centuries to forget: Germany, the 16th century, werewolves and demons. No matter how hard I try to escape that life, no matter how many centuries have past, it follows me.
I rummage through my oversized bag, pulling out a spiral notebook and a pen. “Time to pretend like you’re working, Lorelei,” I say under my breath. More like time to disappear into my thoughts. Anywhere is better than here and reliving my horrors over and over. I glance toward the back of the room, staring at the Goth boys. Both tall. Both dangerous. And both more than what they appear to be. Do they hate these trips down memory lane as much as I do?
The one with the Celtic tat meets my gaze and I turn away, feeling myself flush. I have to be more careful, can’t risk him finding out who I am. Can’t let him get too close.
A loud bang pulls my attention to the front of the room. A girl walks in unapologetically, tossing her blond hair from side to side. She has a strength I crave. The teacher nods and tells her to take a seat in front of the ones I fear. They stare, Aydan most of all. He pulls at her with his thoughts, lures her to him with his eyes. Bat-like wings reach out through his human form and I know that he’s found his next victim.
Not if I can stop it.I tug again at my charm, running my fingers over the cold white-gold wings. Mama gave me this charm for protection. And it’s worked. For more than four centuries. I close my eyes, inhaling a deep breath.
Sister, if you can hear me, please keep me safe. You know what hunts me, what hunted you. Keep me safe from the monsters. Keep us all safe.The prayer fades from my thoughts and I look again at the new girl. She stares at Aydan and smiles. My heart clenches. His charms are working on her. Why do they always work?
My head begins to spin and I grab hold of the desk. My vision blurs, spinning me into a memory of the past, one I need to forget...
Tall grassy fields.
My farm.
Aydan called himself Adam then. And he wasn’t a monster, not at first.
I shake away the thoughts, desperate to focus my vision. A mass of auburn hair drapes around my shoulders and over my face, hiding me. The new girl stares my way, her deep blue eyes reaching through my fear and the rising panic, straight into my soul. Only one other person has ever been able to see into my soul like this, the person that I’ve prayed for every night since she was stolen away from me.
My sister.
Tears fill my eyes as I push away the impending nightmare. But it’s no use. My life will never be more than a horror story.
The scent of heavy pine lingers in the air and I am once again a six year old girl in the fields of Germany. Flashes of that life stream across my vision.
The thick forest that flanked my farm.
The sound of the wolf that stalked the woods.
The image of my sister’s body, mangled and limp in Aydan’s arms when he brought her to my parents.
The town had been shocked by the mauling, my father most of all. He joined with the other farmers, with Aydan. Adam. They hunted the wolf day and night, ignoring the stories of demons that circulated in the village. The townspeople said a devil walked amongst us.
They were right.
Mama and I knew the truth of my sister’s death. We knew about Aydan and the angel he hid within his human form. We knew of the bargain he struck with the devil when my sister died.
I watched Aydan when he stabbed the wolf, watched as that wolf transformed into a man. It was Aydan that convinced the Magistrate to torture the demon. But he never would have succeeded without help. Aydan and the devil walked together that day.
And every day since.

To celebrate the release, several of the authors are joining together for a Twitter Chat TONIGHT at 6pm. PST. Follow the #WW4Lit hashtag to find us.

I am also doing a giveaway this weekend for one print copy and one ebook copy of Winter Wonders. Just complete the Rafflecopter form. 

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And be sure to come by EVERY DAY next week for an EPIC series of events NOT TO BE MISSED!


  1. This anthology sounds great! I'd love an ebook copy.

  2. I ate death by chocolate cake today! and trifle too.. and I read Divergent!Yaay

  3. It's really sweet of you to give the proceeds from the book to charity. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!The excerpt sounds really cool.

    My moment of Joy today would be seeing that I reached 50+ followers on my blog today! :D

    Nuzaifa @ Say It With Books

  4. Loved the excerpt. So wonderful to hear from Loralei :-)

    My Joy was sending a book off to a friend so it could be used in an auction toward building a fund for small scholarships.

  5. thank you for the change to win and my moment of joy today was when my grand daughter stopped playing and just came over and hugged me and said" Grammy i just love you soooo much"

  6. Being able to eat a bowl of soup, since I was sick. Exciting that this releases today. Can't wait for my copy! Congrats to all! Thanks for the giveaway Christine!


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