As the New Year Approaches

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful few days. I did. Good company, good food and much needed R&R. It was a wonderful break.

Today, Dec 27, I find myself in a reflective mood, not unusual for me in general, and for this time of year - very normal. You see, there are very few things I am superstitious about...starting the new year with a clean slate is one of them. For the next several days, as we march ever-closer to 2013, I will spend my time releasing the hurts of 2012, cleaning my "house" both literally and figuratively, reflecting on my current path, and forging new goals. It is a ritual I go through every year, dating back to my childhood. There is just something about the renewal of a New Year that fills me with hope...a hope that, when unguarded, seems to filter through my fingertips as the year progresses.

This year as a lesson in extremes. Not the first lesson, and I am certain not the last. This year saw the "birth" of my fiction career with my first novel, the sale of more books, and a change in careers in my "other" life. It also brought some of the hardest internal struggles I've ever faced, grief and pain as a dealt with a few losses, and challenges that brought me to my knees more than once.

A true lesson in extremes. And yet, like most things, it doesn't seem so bad from this vantage point.

I am thankful for the year, the growth, the opportunities. I am thankful for some clarity that has come as a result of the trials. And, most importantly, I am optimistic about things to come.

As the days race on, I will be cleaning, organizing, and processing the 365 days that have passed. I will glean from them what I can before I march into a new future.

That is my plan, at least.
What is yours?

Oh! And for those asking...yes, I am back in the cave as well...and writing. Man it feels good.

Have a happy and health New Year!


  1. I love this post. Years ago I did a pagenesque "cleansing" of my house on New Year's Eve because the year had been filled with loss. It really, really helped me start off the new year--I could almost feel the difference in the air the following morning. Maybe it's time to do that again ;)

    Happy New Year!

  2. This year has been intense with loss, for sure. I love the idea of "cleaning house" and getting ready for an AWESOME and LUCKY 2013. Happy new year!

  3. Great post! I hope you have a great New Year! This year has been a whirlwind of a lot of new things for me! Happy New year!


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