Paperbacks, Hardbacks and more....Special Deals Until 11/15 ONLY

Just in time for the Holidays, I have some fun news for you! Libera Me is out in paperback on 11/19. YEP YEP YEP!!!!
The second book in the Requiem Series, this book challenges Nesy and Aydan's love in ways their never imagines. Here's what the early reviewers are saying:
"Flawless and Utterly Compelling"
"(it) stole my breath and stilled my heart"
"An Emotional Ride"

You'll be able to pick up the paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your favorite retailer. Until then, check out the ebook!

And more! Transcend is available in Hardback for the holidays ONLY and only as a pre-order. These copies will be signed, numbered, and have an EXCLUSIVE special in the back - Ien's love letters to Kiera. WOO HOO!!!!
Transcend is a psychological thriller chronicling one young man's journey past the expectations of his family. Inspired by Phantom of the Opera, it is a dark and original horror tale:

Such a moving story about love, loss and absolute madness that will keep you turning pages into the wee hours of the morning. 

Trust me, this is a special one-of-a-kind gift. And the Pre-Orders are available UNTIL 11/15 ONLY. After that, they are gone.


And finally, the Winter Wonders anthology is releasing in paperback and e-book format in early December, with pre-orders available NOW. This compilation of more than 20 short stories from authors including Heather McCorkle, Elle Strauss, Judith Grave, Tina Moss, just to mention a few, raises money for literacy projects.

My addition to the anthology is a companion piece to the Requiem Series, Enigma. Here is a special snippet:

My head begins to spin and I grab hold of the desk. My vision blurs, spinning me into a memory of the past, one I need to forget...
Tall grassy fields.
My farm.
Aydan called himself Adam then. And he wasn’t a monster, not at first.
I shake away the thoughts, desperate to focus my vision. A mass of auburn hair drapes around my shoulders and over my face, hiding me. The new girl stares my way, her deep blue eyes reaching through my fear and the rising panic, straight into my soul. Only one other person has ever been able to see into my soul like this, the person that I’ve prayed for every night since she was stolen away from me.
My sister.
Tears fill my eyes as I push away the impending nightmare. But it’s no use; my life will never be more than a horror story.

I loved writing this story, and I CAN NOT wait to share it with all of you! You can order Pre-Order your copy of the book THIS WEEK ONLY:

And finally, this marks the last couple of weeks for my release giveaways. WHEW! What a rollercoaster it has been. So fun and so exciting. I want to thank everyone for participating. I still have a week of tour activities that you can find on the right side-bar....including a special announcement NOT to be missed! But
more on that later. For now - don't forget to get in on the giveaway fun and enter:

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  1. EEK! Cannot wait for it all!!! I am chomping at the bit for my HC of Transcend! And I'm all over LIbera Me and Winter Wonders for sure!

  2. So many great things going on! I'm crazy excited for you.


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