Excitement on the Horizon!

Hi all -
As predicted, this week is CRAZY busy! In a very good way. I am teaching a class on writing to a bunch of kids all week. Talk about FUN FUN FUN!!! I have missed working directly with kids (the new job doesn't have as much of that as I would like). Anyway, theclass is a webinar for a few hours every night, making the week busier than usual, even for me! As a result, the blogging will be sparse.
But, I wanted to sneak in and tell you what's coming up in the next few weeks:

  • WINTER WONDERS is released - and yes, my short story will be out!
  • HUGE Online signing party with several other fab authors - this will include limited holiday pricing on PAPERBACK copies of my books!
  • A HUGE giveaway with a bunch of other authors, including chances to get a HUGE Amazon giftcard in time for the holidays
  • For my writer friends - Compass Press will be holding an author search contest in early January, with the winner(s) getting a publishing contract!!! Start getting those manuscripts ready
I will be expanding on each of these in upcoming posts. Until then, start feeling the excitement ;)


  1. You are so busy, Christine. Way to go! Congrats on the short story coming out next week. Have fun teaching class!!

  2. So much going on. And trust me, the excitement is spilling out of my ears lol!!

  3. Total awesomeness!!! I am excited to participate in it all!!!


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