Back on the Chain: Location, Location, Location

For some reason, whenever I think of the blog chain, my mind goes to the word "chain gang"...and from there to Les Miserable. I know, I am very strange.

Anyway, since I know have Les Miserable on my brain I thought I'd share this fabulouso trailer for the upcoming movie:

I am SO DARN EXCITED for this.

Okay, back to the Blog Chain. This round was started by Alyson who asked the following: 

How important is setting when crafting a story? How do you choose where your stories take place? How do you research setting? Do you have to have been somewhere in order to write about it? What are some memorable settings from books you've read?

I love this question. I am a HUGE setting person. I wasn't always that way, but my editor is a settings-nut, so now I am too. I carefully pick where my stories take place based on a few things:
My knowledge of the place (and yes, I will go research places in person when possible)

Setting is something that, for me, is like another character in the book, adding to the emotional context of the story. That said, I would not say I am a strong setting writer. It is something I always need to be mindful of and work on. But with the help of my editor, I am getting better!

What about you? How important is setting to you???For more on this topic, check out Sandra's from yesterday, and Katrina's post tomorrow.



  1. Setting is something I'm mindful about as well, but my stories never start with that. My current project needs more of a setting, but even with that I put in what's needed but don't make setting a character itself.


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