The Tour, NaNo, Giveaways....Oh My!!

First, I wish all of my East Coast buddies a safe day. Hopefully the storm is not ravaging too badly outside your window today. 

Now, I have so much to talk about, to report...

First - how many of you have tried the Angelic Order Quiz??? So far, I know of several Mediators, Sentinals and even an UnHoly or two. Click here to complete the FB quiz. And be sure to let me know how yours turned out.

On to NaNo news. We are a mere two days from NaNo - the month in which a few crazy writers commit to drafting a 50K novel in 30 days. It sounds daunting I know...and in fact, it is! I have attempted it three other times. Completed it only once. This year will also be a stretch. I won't be posting any word counts until after Nov 9. 

Why you ask? I have major edits (final edits) due on Nov 9 for my nonfiction, so nothing happens until then are completed. 

Then I am all about NaNo.

So, how will I prepare to write roughly 2400 words a day? By outlining, of course! (Those that know me knew I would answer it this way...)

So today and tomorrow are all about a skeleton outline to guide my way through NaNo. Since I am using the month to write the last in the Requiem series, it won't be too hard...maybe. The story took some HUGE twists and turns in book #2...

Which leads me to Libera Me news. First, I don't think it'll actually be released tomorrow. Probably more like Thursday or Friday. But that won't stop the tour...

And here are the stops for the week:

I will have them on my side bar too...
And don't forget about the contests: 
  • Libera Me Tour - character-inspired books and swag:: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Kindle giveaway celebrating my fall releases:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

What would you do to prepare for NaNo?


  1. Hi Christine!
    Apparently, I am a Mediator --I can totally see myself as that! :-D

    To prepare--ugh...I may do some outlin...oh who am i kidding? I'm a panster! I tend to need to start writing first, only then can I see where my story is going, and then maybe I can do some sort of maybe the second week...?


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