Edits Galore and a Giveaway Announcement

Happy Monday! I will admit, I am in a bit of a birthday fog - and we didn't even officially celebrate my birthday yet. Actually, I think the fog is related to a week's worth of 14 hour days, edits all weekend and yes....more edits to finish up over the next couple of days.

So, while I am toiling away in my cave, I wanted to tell you about an amazing giveaway my friend, Danyelle Leafty is having. Go HERE and check it out, you won't be sorry. And while you are there, be sure to check out her books - they are absolutely FABULOUS!

See you later this week with exciting news about Libera Me, book 2 in the Requiem series...


  1. I've got this one going on on my site, too, Christine, if you want to link it in another post. I still have the Transcend one going on, as well, if you want to link that :)

  2. I have a desk right next to yours in that cave. ;) We'll keep each other motivated! I hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!

  3. You are killing me!! Libera Me.. NEED!! When was your birthday?! You totally need a break and a drink to celebrate your awesomeness! ((HUGS))


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