Ali Cross's NAME THE BOOK Party and Giveaway!!!

So excited for this week!!! Ali Cross, author of the Desolation Series and an amazing person to boot is launching an amazing giveaway and Name The Book extravaganza. Each of these blogs are featuring a part of an excerpt, character interviews, and more. AND, on each blog is a WORD that is part of a special scavenger hunt.

For my post, Ali shares a special thank you! But before we get to that I wanted to take a moment to thank HER...

For always being there when I need to talk.
For being a great example of perseverance.
For her awesome Ninja spirit.
For the Desolation series.
For the stories still being formed.

Ali is truly a addition to the writing community and I am thrilled to call her a friend! And now for Ali's special guest post:

I’ve sat here and written a dozen posts—in my head. All the while the blank white page mocked me. The blinking cursor singing, “Neener, neener, neener.” Yes, even cursors can mock you when you run out of words.
I don’t usually run out of story-words. I can lay them down like nobody’s business. Writer’s block hasn’t ever (knock on wood) been a problem for me.
No, the words I have trouble finding are the ones that connect me to you—the reader.Because there’s really only two words to be said, and they are, THANK YOU.Thank you for reading.Thank you for taking a chance on my books.Thank you for emailing me, sending me Facebook notes, and, most of all, thank you for leaving reviews.
My stories would only be words on a page, images in my head, if you didn’t read them. When you read them, magic happens. The people and creatures that I’ve only seen in my mind, come to life in yours. You are the magic that gives them life, and for that—thank you!

And now, for the name the book part. Below you will see a mock cover to help put you in the mood for choosing a cover. Your options are DIVINE, CHOSEN, or DESTINED.  

You can vote daily for the name of your choice, but you only get one name. Vote on the rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
There is more fun too!!! A scavenger hunt. Start at the first blog listed below and read the excerpt. Then hop to each blog to collect the words that will complete the excerpt. Enter the words in the rafflecopter form below and poof! you are entered.

The word for this hop is: FOREVER.

9.  Bookish

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you have a blast with the hunt and the name game. And be certain to  read the rest of the books in the series, BECOME and DESOLATE. Trust me, this is an amazing series! Stock Ali to find out more about her and her books:

twitter username: @ali_cross


  1. Odd, Rafflecopter is not coming up for me but I chose Divine. Just seems to fit better with the other two names.

  2. ((hugs)) Thank you C! I can't wait to see what name is picked!

  3. Thanks Christine!! I am so glad that you are a part of this <3


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