Where Am I Today?

Welcome to day Four of the tour. I will be back to regular blogging in the upcoming days, but I wanted to guide you through the tour a bit this week. Awe, who am I kidding - I am BURIED in edits. More on that Friday.  In the meantime, the tour...

Today's stops include:
If you've enjoyed the posts so far, be sure to stop by and let the hosts know. 

The completed schedule can be found by clicking on the Transcend Tour. WOO HOO!!!

And finally, the Special Edition Hardback is up for Pre-order for only $19.99. This book is signed and numbered by me, and includes copies of Ien's love letters to Kiera - the original three I've offered with other prize packs, plus two exclusive ones just with this! We are only taking orders until November 15 and then that's it....

Get yours now -


And finally, don't forget about my giveaways going on throughout the tour and into the fall. THANK YOU for all of your support. What part of the tour are YOU excited for???

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway


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