The Calm Before the Storm...Yea, Right!

You know, even typing that title made me spew. I mean seriously? Calm?...

I "thought" things would be a little calmer as I approached the release of Transcend. NOPE. On Friday I mentioned that I was knee-deep into three projects - two I hoped to finish this past weekend. I also mentioned the tours, release parties, etc. going on..
What I didn't say, is that I am completely insane for thinking I could get this all accomplished.
I mean, just look at this schedule of to-dos for THIS WEEK:

  • 9/3-9/7 - Davidson Institute workshop presenter (all weekend/ online, but still)
  • Finish my edits for Girls' Book by Weds and turn in for first edits (yea, this is past due. Just sayin)
  • Finish final edits for Transcend (This is DONE DONE DONE. and the e-arcs have all been emailed. Whew)
  • First round edits on Libera Me to editor. (cough...not going to happen...cough)
  • Work on two back-to-back tours
  • Mail a TON of swag and books
  • Prep for 9/18 launch day online parties
  • Take kids to tutoring, work, soccer, band, etc, etc, etc
  • Work 7:30-5:30 (yea, that is longer than my hours, but it is the hours I typically work)
  • Breathe. In and out. Over and Over.
Crazy, yes...

I know it sounds like I am complaining, but I'm not. I am just a tad overwhelmed. Okay I am a LOT overwhelmed. But, things will all get done, because they have too. Right
(please say right)

Anyways, as you can tell by the schedule, blogging this week...yea, not gonna happen. At all. And rather than stress over it, I am just going to tell you all that blogging isn't happening for a week. I promise to be back next week thought, with lots of progress to report (I Hope)

What do you all do when you are a "little" busy?


  1. I GOT YOUR BACK!!! I will help in every way possible ((HUGS)) I know (and understand) that you are totally stressed right now but it will get better. I when I am to busy write a list and figure out what "NEEDS" to be done and what I "WANT" to get done then go from there. You are awesome and you will get it all worked out and figured out <3 Let me know if I can help at all :)


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