Celebrate INDIEpendence with FREE books on Amazon!

I am SO DANG EXCITED to announce that Amazon has BOTH Dies Irae and Mea Culpa for FREE. The novellas in the Requiem series act as bridges between the novels. Here is a little about them:

"The beauty of the words will tempt you, the tragedy of the story will break you, and the love, woven throughout like music through the trees, will haunt you for days afterward. Dies Irae promises a tale unlike any you've read before." ~Ali Cross, Author of BECOME
This is the tragic tale of Mikayel and Azzaziel, good and evil, sacrifice and revenge. Set more than 3000 years before LACRIMOSA, it explains the backstory of these two characters and the impact of their story on future events. Here is what readers are saying:


This tells Zane story, and takes place right after LACRIMOSA ends. It explains a lingering question...or does it. You decide; after you read the next novel in the series, LIBERA ME, set to release in October. Here's what readers are saying:

"It's poetic and lyrical, it is poetic, it possesses your soul. Another piece of amazing writing." ~ A Kids Review

I would love for you to download the books for yourself and check out the world of Celestium, and my take on angels and demons, good and evil, love and revenge.

Have a great one!


  1. Yay!!! Finally. We've worked so hard to get these to go free. I'm SO excited for you!

  2. YAY!!!! So excited for you.

    Reading Mea Culpa now--NICE!

  3. Um... SO MANY LUCKY people getting to read these for the first time now!!


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