RAINE will never SURRENDER - more celebrations for the SURRENDER Launch!

Welcome to DAY 4 of my SURRENDER Launch tribute. First, the winners of  yesterday's REGRET giveaway are:

LAURA (fuonlyknew)

I didn't pick another as the others who commented have already won a copy - so I added it to the grand prize!! WOOOO HOOOOO

Congrats to everyone who has won so far this week...and keep entering!

And now - today's character feature - RAINE:
Raine is a new character, introduced in SURRENDER. Besides LOVING her name, I LOVE Raine - she is such a compelling character in so many ways. I can't wait until all of you read the book and tell me what you think of her as well....

But first, here is a little more about her based on the questions I asked Elana:

If Raine had been exposed to music her whole life, she’d love “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. She loves that kind of soothing stuff. She’d love to see the White Cliffs of Dover, and she’d give anything to watch Gunner fly in the Olympics. (Okay, maybe that’s not an event—yet.) She’d eat chocolate and caramel until the world ends, she loves it that much.

See why I love her so much?!?

You can see the other characters answers here - Vi (Tuesday), Jag (Wed), Zenn (Thurs).

As I mentioned in the original post, I am giving away 2 copies of REGRET EVERY DAY (Tuesday through Sat - Leave a blog comment daily to be entered) AND a special grand prize that includes one paperback copy of POSSESSION and one hardback copy of SURRENDER! Told ya it would be AWESOME. Just enter the rafflecopter form below to get your daily entry for the REGRET contest and the giveaway. WOO HOO!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And that is NOT ALL - I am also helping celebrate the launch with a bunch of other authors with ANOTHER epic giveaway. Just check it out:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And finally, I'll be participating in Elana's NEVER SURRENDER BLOGFEST next week (In addition to celebrating the release of MEA CULPA). All you have to do is post about a time you didn't surrender to some hard thing in your life. 
Want to get in on the fun and show Elana how much she means to ALL of us? Just sign up for the Blogfest here.

WOO HOO!!! Let's make this launch EPIC!


  1. Awesome give away! This looks like a great series!

  2. I love Raine too. Elana did a fantastic job with Raine and Gunner.

  3. I'm a part of this giveaway too, so I won't enter. I loved Raine and Gunner.

  4. I'm excited to get to know Raine. Anyone who loves chocolate and caramel is good in my book.

  5. Thanks so much Christine. I better get reading, eh!

    laura thomas

  6. I love this. And I really love Raine ~ she is one of my favorites for sure.

  7. I love Raine too!!! Her name is lovely. This week was full of awesome. Thank you so much for the spotlight and giveaways!!

  8. Raine is SUCH a great character! Totally loved Surrender :)

  9. Raine's love of chocolate and caramel could make us fast friends. I have Surrender and Regret so I'm excited about making sure I'm all caught up.

  10. Great contest. Thanks for hosting.


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