More to Celebrate!

First, I have to thank you all for the fabulous launch day emails, downloads, reviews and general good will regarding MEA CULPA. Each book in the series - from novelette to novel - has brought these characters more depth than I can express. And your love of the characters and the stories has only added to my excitement as I bring each installment. I can tell already how sad I will be when it all comes to an end in a few more stories...
But that is for another day.

To THANK YOU and continue the celebrations, my amazing publisher, Compass Press, has elected to offer DIES IRAE for FREE for a limited time only (probably a week at the most). Go to Smashwords and download your copy today! 

Also, the link for MEA CULPA is live on Smashwords too. 

Just my way of saying THANK YOU for the excitement with the series - from Aydan, Nesy, Mikayel, Azza, Zane and Cass...



  1. Wow! You are on a role!! Many congrats and thanks back!

  2. It will be sad when the series comes to an end this year. But, I have a good feeling you'll have more excitement in store for us. ;)

  3. Ooh! Free is always awesome. Great cover for MEA CULPA! (You have such hunky guys on your covers!) You are just crankin' these out. Are you a machine? A crazy awesome-story-producing machine!! Congratulations!


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