The Girls of Transcend Dish a Little Dirt

Here we are at Day 3 of my special week of reveals. The girls of Transcend are up today - and man, keeping them in check was a bit of a challenge. They asked to do a group interview. In fact, they were quite insistent about it. So, I will introduce you to Kiera, Jenna, Sister Agnes, and Mrs. Katherine Montgomery. And then I will attempt to keep them focused for a little interview (wish me luck)!

Katherine Montgomery - She is the matriarch of the Montgomery family and mother to Ien and Erik. Consumed with the need to maintain their elevated status, she is the true driving force behind the family. Nothing happens without her direct knowledge and consent. 

Sister Anne - She leads a simple life, far removed from New York's aristocracy. To her honesty and love are the only things that matter. 

Jenna Avery - Jenna works in the Montgomery household. Born into her current status, she knows that her place will always be that of servant. She is close friends with Ien and knows all of the family secrets. 

Kiera McDougal - Kiera is the only daughter to the McDougal estate. Although her status is not nearly as high as the Montgomery's, Kiera is expected to marry well and secure her family's fortune. Never mind her own desires or dreams.

As I mentioned earlier, the ladies wanted to sit down in a group and talk about their fantasies and wishes. Personally, I think this was all Katherine's idea - just to get a little intel on Kiera. But you be the judge:
Me - Okay ladies. Time for you to dish and tell me your deepest, darkest secrets or fantasies. Just remember, I don't want to give away any spoilers about the story. Who's first?
{complete silence as everyone looks to Katherine.}
Katherine - I'll start. I just want my family's legacy to continue. That is all I've ever wanted.
Kiera - But at what cost? Isn't the happiness of your boys more important.
Katherine - Happiness won't guarantee their future, Miss McDougal. Which is why...{redacted the response - too many spoilers} 
Kiera - But...
{Sister Agnes quiets Kiera} 
Sister Agnes - I think all of us want a secure future, Mrs. Montgomery. We just have different ideas how to achieve that, and what that means.
Me - Jenna, you're very quiet. What do you wish for?
Jenna - It's best for me not to say, ma'am. My place is to support the household. And I am happy to do it.
Katherine - Thank you Jenna. She, at least, understands her place. 
{Katherine glares at Kiera} 
Me - Okay. Um...I think that is all for now. We'll bring you guys back for another interview in September when the book is released.

And there you have it, the girls of Transcend. And yes, they are a bit catty! Just wait until they all get together in the book! Tomorrow I will be dishing a little about the launch activities for Transcend. And remember, Friday is the BIG REVEAL!

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What secrets do you want to share? Which of the girls intrigues you the most???


  1. Lol that was awesome they do seem a bit catty but what do you expect when you get a group of woman together, with one trying to dominate the others <3

    1. Yes, and Katherine is VERY used to being in charge. The story is really about the boys...but these women, they definitely make it an more interesting story.

  2. Yes, Katherine seems like the "no nonsense, just do what's expected of you" type woman..

    What time period is this novel set in? Did I miss that in a blurb somewhere?

    1. That is EXACTLY the type of woman she is. The novel is set in the height of New York's Gilded age - the late 1800's. A little off from Phantom's setting, but it is only inspired by the story after all. :D

  3. How awesome are they???? I love the time period....Steampunk type stuff, like ID! And of course it's set in my area, so how can i resist!!!! I love books written in the NY area. After all, I am a Brooklyn girl!

    1. Similar time frame, yes, but not steampunk. A flavor of that, with the switch to electricity from oil being something meaningful in the story, etc. And yes, I modeled the Montgomery's after the Vanderbilt's in some ways, and set the story in a town similar to Hyde park. Researched the architecture of the time frame, etc. It was fun.

      Glad you like my girls!

  4. While it's not my favorite time period (French Revolution) I'm really eager to read about it since I haven't read too many novels centered around it. It sounds utterly fascinating.

  5. The girls may be catty but they are interesting!! I don't know how I missed this post!!! AHHHH!


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