Winners, Inspiration and such...

Hi all!

I wanted to announce the winners from my LIBERA ME contest that ended last week:

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I am absolutely thrilled to be sending off their prizes this week. Additionally, I am using the name "Tristan" from Naomi not only in LIBERA ME, but in something else I can talk more about soon. I LOVE the name Tristan and it is truly the PERFECT name for this particular character.

And now, the inspirational part of the post. Last night was the semi-finals for the Voice. And yes, I watch the Voice. One contestant, in particular, reminded me so much of my characters in the Requiem Series - not just in his look, but the heavenly sound of his particular song. Here, look:

See what I mean, Heavenly! Anyways, the song meant a lot after my day, soothing me after a long emotional day. I was inspired by it - and I hope you are too.

What do you do after a long, emotional day?


  1. Man, I escape into something on my DVR. It's the only thing that keeps me sane. *hugs*


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