Amazing Things Happen With Amazing Challenges

So, Elana Johnson and I were chatting last Friday night (shocking, I know...we only chat every night!), talking about how overwhelmed we were feeling with our imposed and self-imposed deadlines and wanting to get strong word counts over the weekend. Well, our chat lead to challenging each other to some crazy word count goals, just to see if we could make it. Elana challenged me to write 15472 words, and I challenged her to writing 14935. I know, random numbers - but that was kinda the point.

We took our challenge to twitter and convinced mutual friend Dustin Hansen to join us at 10666 words, and Sarah Nicolas at 13194. Yea, more random numbers.

All totaled, we would hit over 54K for the weekend - or the length of some novels - if we hit our goals.

The weekend progressed as we all reported progress. Some days were 5K days, some were not. But as the weekend came to a close not only did we make our goals, but we all achieved even more successes...

  • Elana typed "the end" on a ms that has been haunting her for a while
  • I figured out the plot to my current monster, and passed to 50% mark with a clear goal for finishing
  • Dustin played around with a FABULOUS new MS I personally can't wait to read
  • And Sarah achieved more than she thought she could.

Yes, it was a weekend made of awesome.

And you know what....I intend to carry the same writing mojo through the week. 

What did you guys do this weekend?


  1. How awesome! Deadlines freak me out. I don't know why. I totally crap out every November for Nanowrimo. I get all panicky with the pressure BUT really small goals like 'you WILL write something new on the wip today' usually work out well. Sometimes it's just a page or two and sometimes its several. I just have to push myself not to stop.

    1. Yea, deadlines don't always work for me either...and I typically bail on NaNo. But this weekend was perfect! And a challenge from Elana never goes unanswered :D

  2. That's awesome. I fixed my first chapter and did a lot of yard work this weekend.

    1. I NEED to do a ton of yard work too...but not until some of these projects are dealt with. LOL

  3. Whoa. It's like you wrote a book in a weekend. Except not.

    Still awesome, though. Congrats!

  4. 'K, Matt's comment made me chuckle. ;D

    You already know my thoughts on friend's setting goals for us and urging us to forge ahead. Yay!! I've just set goals with an accountability partner. I think it's going to be awesome!

  5. I didn't do any writing, but I did attend a conference where George R.R. Martin was signing and speaking. He's quite a colorful man.

  6. Whooeee! That's a lot of words. You girls rock it!!! Congrats.

  7. Woot to the woo! We totally rocked Memorial Day Weekend 2012. Too bad I'm still fried...

  8. You ladies rock, I love that you inspired each other so much!


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