When your cup runneth over

Have you ever noticed that new ideas always come during your busiest moments. Take LACRIMOSA for example. The original idea for that story came during NaNoWriMo, when I really needed to be working on something else.

And now, in the midst of finishing the series, I am bombarded with ideas. Big, wild, fun ideas for new series, new stories, fiction and nonfiction.

I don't know what it is about being in the throes of other projects that turns my creative energy into hyperdrive, but it does.

Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing. I LOVE being consumed by ideas and creative energy. But when I have massive deadlines and such, I can't give myself over to my muse as much as I would like to. I've tried to halt my current projects long enough to jot down scenes, snippets, etc - just to quiet down the other story. But, this doesn't really work for me. More than one project has been hijacked by other, louder, ideas.

No, for me I have to almost ignore the pressing ideas and push forward on the project-at-hand, lest I risk getting nothing accomplished at all.

I can hear you all already..."what about the other ideas? If you don't write them down, won't you lose them?" For me, the answer is "No. I won't lose them at all. Taking the time to write down notes about them actually serves only to distract me from my edits/drafting/whatever. And sometimes, that is exactly what the ideas are - a big distraction.

No...For me, I've found that if I ignore the voices, push forward on the current project and focus some of that creative energy, the ideas that are the best - the ones destined to become a story - will stay with me, slowly writing themselves in my subconscious until I am ready to commit to the next story.

Now, choosing which idea to tackle for the next one...that is going to be the issue!

What about you guys? Do you find some of your most creative moments happen when you are knee-deep in something else?


  1. Definitely! That always seems to be the case. My muse inundates me. In fact, that's happening right now. I have three books begging to be written but I must make them wait.

    1. Only three;) I wish it was only three.... No seriously, I'm thrilled for the good vibes. Just feeling a tad buried

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I feel this way all of the time! it's the pushing through that's the hard part :)

  3. You and I must be going through a few things similar yet different (similar because we are both getting ideas tossed at us to and fro but different because you have the added matter of publishing deadlines) lol!!!

    I was just talking on the phone today with my girlfriend about how I had a hard time sleeping because two of my stories were battling it out for attention in my mind. Plus I have like two or three other story ideas that are itching for attention. Thankfully, they haven't jumped into the fray to turn things into a mental Battle Royale lol!!1

    1. I'm glad I am sleeping okay - but the stories are getting loud enough that I really need to get to writing so I can have time for them...you know....


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