Tip Tuesday - Finding My Way

What a month. Or Two. 2 books launch, 2 more covers revealed, a new job, and more sekrit projects I can't wait to share.

Just WOW.

This is all good - amazing really. And yet, how am I, really?
In truth, not good.

Why? Because I am exhausted. Spent. Drained.

I've been so busy for so long. And I forgot something very important.


You know, the thing that helps us stay grounded when the rollercoaster of life has decided to go a little too fast.

So, I've spent the last few days contemplating my road, the things I've committed to, and how to streamline my life; how to find my balance again.

First, I pulled out of some of the forums and blogs I participated in...just for my sanity.

Second, I made a decision about this blog. I keep saying I am going to pull back, but I never do. I set this blog up as a 5 day a week blog, and I struggle doing less than that (I am such a rule follower!). So, the only way I am making a decision to pull this blog back to two days a week, with the occasional Bookanista post. I am just too busy not to do this.

So, from this day forward, I will be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays. WOOT!!!

Thank you all for being so loyal and so supportive to my blog and my writing. Hopefully this will free up a little bit of time and help strengthen my balance.

What do you guys do when you find yourselves overextended?

Oh! And in case you didn't hear...I released the cover for LIBERA ME, the next book in the series. You can see it on Tiffany Mahaffy's blog. And Heather McCorkle and I will be doing a chat tonight at 5pm PST, talking about our books, writing, and giving some things away. I hope you join us!


  1. That sounds like an excellent idea. I had to pull back recently too and reduce the amount of blogging I do. It has helped a lot!


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