Time for the EPIC LACRIMOSA Grand Prize

The "Getting to know Nesy and Aydan" tour for LACRIMOSA is quickly coming to an end which means...it's time to enter the clues for the EPIC HUGE Giveaway! 

That's right. Every day throughout the tour, the hosts have shared clearly marked clues - single words that relate to LACRIMOSA in some way. Collect the words, enter them in the form and you could win a HUGE grand prize.

So, what is the prize, you ask? 

Print copies of LACRIMOSA, Michelle Zink's A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS and Laini Taylor's DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE, as well as other bookish swag. 

{told ya it was FABULOUS} 

So, make sure you visited the stops, collected the clues and completed the form. If you've missed a few stops, here is the schedule so you can catch up. The clues are at the ends of the posts.

NESY WEEK (the Nesy giveaway is OVER for that one)

AYDAN WEEK (the Aydan giveaway ends 3/25, so you still have time to enter! Click here to enter.)
Collect the clues, and complete the form below. That's it. But you'd better be QUICK. The contest is over on Monday, March 26. ((but don't worry - there is an beyond epic contest starting on 3/26))


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