Nesy's Fab Favs - and another chance at the Nesy Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday!
I am thrilled to bring you another "getting to know Nesy" post. Today, I thought it would be fun if Nesy shared some of her fab favs - movies, books, games, etc. Check it out, Nesy's fav

MOVIE: - Hmm, is it too sappy if I say "Romeo and Juliet"? Yes, it is pretty sappy. Okay, how about Hannah?
ANTICIPATED MOVIE: - Yea, I am looking forward to Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman. Yep, can't wait.
BOOK: - Too many to name. But since I am giving this book away, I'll say UNDER THE NEVER SKY.
SONG: - Yea, this is hard too. I am giving you my playlist on Friday. But in terms of a favorite song, I don't really have one. But, I will's Requiem. That is really my all time favorite piece of music. (which is why Christine was so inspired by it. Consider it a little divine intervention)
EARTHLY PLACE TO VISIT: - I am a cathedral FREAK. Seriously. So I am most at peace in or around cathedrals. And one of my all time favorites - St John's Church of the Divine. Have you seen the angels that adorn the front? Or the Peace Fountain in the back. Beautiful. Well here, I'm sure Christine can post a picture.
VIDEO GAME: - Okay, I'll admit it - I am sort of a WoW lover. Seriously. EPIC game!
EARTHLY FOOD: - I love dark chocolate. I would even consider being human more often just for the chocolate. Okay, not really, but I do LOVE chocolate!
COLOR: - Gold, of course. Gold. Gold. Gold. Is there anything else?

Okay, now, that you've gotten to know Nesy a little more, hop on over to Laura Diamond's blog for a special Nesy interview.

And be certain to enter the giveaway for a fabulous Nesy Prize pack. Just complete the form below.

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And there's more - collect the daily clues to enter the EPIC grand prize giveaway that includes books, swag and a special surprise.

Today's clue - DUTY

What do you want to know about Nesy? I am certain she would stop by and answer.
Oh! And Angela Brown is back today with her take on LACRIMOSA - and I love her review format. So fun! Check it out.


  1. This giveaway open to those of us in France (the cathedral center of the world??:) I'm more of a chateau go-er myself. In any case, it looks like a great book!

    1. Thanks! The giveaway is US only - but...I am doing a giveaway on Goodreads that starts tomorrow - and that one is international!

  2. I loved Under the Never Sky too. I just gave away my ARC so I'll let someone else win.

    1. Thanks Natalie! Be sure to collect clues though - BIG, HUGE giveaway announcement for the clues soon

  3. Well of course she can't wait for The Hunger Games movie. :D

  4. I love getting to know Nesy! It'll make it so much more fun already knowing some things about her when I read the book : )

  5. Ooh. I think Nesy and I could totally be friends. :)

    1. I am certain you guys would get along!!!

  6. I can't wait to see both of those movies!

  7. Dark chocolate, really? I knew Nesy had great taste. :-)

  8. i already have my tix for the hunger games and I can barely contain myself. She is a WoW fanatic? She would fit right in with my group o friends.


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