Introducing Nesayiel

I am so excited for this week, the start of the prelaunch fun for LACRIMOSA. I know, prelaunch seems silly since the digital formats of the book are already out - but I am still keeping 3/21 as the "official" launch day for the book.

The first week of the tour is the "Getting to Know Nesy" week here and on the tour, culminating with an epic giveaway of some of Nesy's fav things. There is also a 2 week long grand prize giveaway, so be on the look out for clues here and around the tour (10 in all) for that giveaway. You can find out more about the whole tour by clicking the "Blog Tour" tab under the header.

Now, for today - check out the first stop with Rebecca Enzor for an exclusive premiere of my reading of the first part of the opening chapter to LACRIMOSA. Eep!

On my blog I thought I'd introduce to our heroine, Nesy. So without further adieu, here is Nesy:

NESY - A Brief Bio: Nesy, short for Nesayiel, is a young warrior angel of Celestium. She belongs to the division of angels known as Sentinals and is Mikayel's (the head of the Sentinals) right-hand-person. She has mad skills with a sword. But her ability to fight doesn't end there. She is a master of hand-to-hand combat, as well as skilled with every type of blade imaginable. Basically she is a bad-ass. And up to the beginning of this story, she has never - NOT ONCE - needed more than one opportunity to vanquish a bad-guy.

Her job is simple - send the UnHoly, fallen angels under the rule of Azzaziel, to the Abyss without endangering human lives. It is a job for which she is well suited. She's ruthless, somewhat cocky, and completely non-emotional.

But she wasn't always that way, as readers will find out.

DESCRIPTION: As indicated on the cover of LACRIMOSA, Nesy is blond - both in human form and in her angelic form - with blue eyes that seem endless. Being a Sentinal, she is imbued with the color of her order - gold. Her skin radiates gold, as do her wings. While she can take any human form, she prefers her angelic form to anything else. Her best friends in Celestium are Cassiel (Cass) and Zanethios (Zane).

STRENGTHS: Her biggest strengths include clarity of thought and the complete absence of emotions. She is exceptionally smart and has amazing focus to her tasks. She's loyal to Celestium, her order, and Mikayel in particular. For her, being a Sentinal is a true calling - something she was created for.

WEAKNESSES: She hates being in human form - she is unable to block or process human emotions. That is her greatest weakness. And while her intellect is definitely a strength, it causes her to question things a little too often - which can be her undoing.

Get to know more about Nesy here (Her top favs on Weds, and her playlist on Friday), and around the tour this week.

And be certain to enter the giveaway for a fabulous Nesy Prize pack. Just complete the form below.

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Today's clue - NESY

What do you want to know about Nesy? I am certain she would stop by and answer.


  1. Woohoo! I'm glad I was able to be part of this awesome tour! Congrats Christine! :D

  2. I can't enter, Chris! The only part of the form that shows up is the name, email, and address. I can't send it in. The send button isn't there. I wanted to wish you good luck. I'll be watching. Have fun! *waving*

    1. Thanks for letting me know - and hopefully we can get you entered another way. :D

  3. I loved this!! So cool to get to know Nesy in this way!

    1. Aw, thanks! Hopefully you got a chance to see the vlog too

  4. What a great way to intro your character. How much fun!

  5. I'm SO excited for the launch! I can hardly wait for the world to receive Lacrimosa. I loved, loved, loved it! And Nesy week is going to rock!

  6. Awesome way to get to know the character!


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