Heather McCorkle joins the Bookanistas for an Interview

HAPPY THURSDAY everyone! Welcome to another edition of Bookanista Thursday. I am EXCITED to have my close friend and author Heather McCorkle with me today. But before I bring her interview, here's what the rest of the Bookanista's are up to: 

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And don't forget about the blog tour still going on for LACRIMOSA. Today, I am over at Operation Awesome with the last part of Chapter 1! Be sure to check it out. And while you're there, scream a big WOO HOO for Michelle McLean who finally got to announce her nice book deal for her breakthrough fiction novel, Treasured Lies.
And now, my special Bookanista interview with Heather McCorkle 

About the Book: Channeler's Choice, sequel to The Secret Of Spruce Knoll. (Can be found on Goodreads here:) 
  • Give me the blurb for the book in 140 characters or less:    Eren must decide, be a normal teenager and leave the legendary warrior stuff to someone else, or embrace a dark destiny. 

  • Do you have a fav character and why?   I love them all, truly. If I had to choose it would be Fane though. His innocence, love of all things American, and curiosity are beyond fun. 
  • What do you hope readers will get from your book?    First and foremost I hope readers will get a great read. But one of the underlying things I hope they'll get out of it is that we can change our world and everything we do affects it. 
About the Author:
  • What inspires you?    Everything! Art, music, movies, pretty much anything creative. 
  • Hardest aspect of writing? Best?  The hardest part of writing is finding the time not only to write, but to work on improving one's writing. Which is super important to me. The best part is seeing my characters and worlds come alive and having someone else enjoy them. 
  • Who is your writing hero?    That's tough, I have so many. My very first writing hero was Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan. Bet you wouldn't have guessed that one. ;)
  • Randomness:
o   Sweet or salty? Yes!
o   Beach or mountains? Yes! LOL, I love everything outdoors, swimming, snowboarding, hiking, you name it!
o   Online or in person? I love my online friends more than I can ever express but I'd love even more to meet them in person, so I'll have to say in person.
o   Ebook or print? Print, I don't even own an ereader.

 About the Future:
  • What’s next for you?    I'm currently working on the third book in the channeler series. After that hopefully you'll see a bit of epic fantasy from me in 2013. 
  • One outrageous goal for the future?   To raise $10,000 for my favorite charity that protects endangered species. A portion of the sales of The Secret Of Spruce Knoll (in every format) goes toward that goal. 

Thanks Heather for being with us today! Love your goal - and I am pretty sure you'll achieve that one.
So, what's everyone reading these days? Don't forget about today's contest entry for the blog tour - just click here to enter, and visit Operation Awesome for another entry.
Oh, and I just started the FIRST giveaway for LACRIMOSA on goodreads - 

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  1. Great interview! I'd love to meet my blog buddies in person too! :)

    1. That's one of my dreams is to some day meet all my fabulous online friends in person. :)

  2. Heather sounds great! I love that she represents such a wonderful charity too!
    Congrats Heather and congrats to you, Christine on Lacrimosa! :)

    1. You're so sweet, thank you Hilary. :)

  3. Woot! Woot! Heather and Christine in one place for the day = total awesome!! :-)

  4. Awesome interview. Love hearing more about your book Heather.


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