Aydan's Favorites - And A Giveaway Chance

Happy Wednesday! Today is a special day for me. Besides being the "official" launch day, and the day-after book birthday for Michelle Zink's A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS, it is also that day that it HIT me...you know, really hit me that I am a PUBLISHED fiction author. So WOOT!!!! Definitely time to celebrate!

And it is also time for another "getting to know Aydan" post. Today, I thought it would be fun if Aydan shared some of his favs, just like Nesy had before.

MOVIE: - Legion. Yea, I know, but it was pretty fab. The whole Michael/Gabriel moment - pretty funny.
ANTICIPATED MOVIE: - Dark Knight Returns, hands down. I mean, seriously, just check out the trailer:

BOOK: - I am a lover of the classics - Dante's Divine Comedy, Milton's Paradise Lost, any of Virgil's poems. But I love more modern books too. Even YA. I loved EVERNEATH, though I think the author got some of the deets wrong. And DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE - fabulous. I am reading A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS right now, due to Christine's recommendation.
SONG: - I made a list for you all for Friday's post, so all I will say right now is that I really like Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Evanescence. And yes, I love Mozart's Requiem too. intervention)
EARTHLY PLACE TO VISIT: - Like Nesy, I like cathedrals. But I really love Gothic architecture in general. In NYC, I have a fav bridge I share with Nesy, so I guess I'll say that is one of my favs. As is the Peace Fountain Nesy mentioned.

VIDEO GAME: - Okay, I'll admit it - I am sort of a WoW lover. Seriously. EPIC game! I basically like anything where I get to fight. Hard Core.
EARTHLY FOOD: - I'm not into food, no really. I prefer souls for my nourishment.
COLOR: - Black. Duh.

Okay, now, that you've gotten to know Aydan a little more, hop on over to Gretchen McNeil's blog for a special WORLD PREMIERE reading of Chapter 2 (Aydan's chapter). And check out Heather McCorkle's blog for a fun interview.

And be certain to enter the giveaway for a fabulous Aydan Prize pack. Just complete the form below.
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You can enter up to twice daily (through the tour and my blog).

And there's more - collect the daily clues to enter the EPIC grand prize giveaway that includes books, swag and a special surprise.

Today's clue - REVENGE

And don't forget about the INTERNATIONAL book giveaway going on on Goodreads. YAY!

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  1. Congrats on your release day Christine! So excited for you.

  2. Congrats on your release day, Christine! (seriously, I'm not trying to copy Natalie). I'm adding Lacrimosa to my TBR pile.

    I love character interviews. :D

    1. I do too! Be sure to check out the tour blog hosts today - interviews and readings.

  3. Congrats! Wishing you many sales! :)

  4. Congrats. The question is, "What do you do?" And the answer is now, "I'm an author." So...how does it feel to change that answer from writer to author?

    1. HA! I have been lucky - I changed to that with my NF publications in 2010. But, doing it again in 2012 for fiction...AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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