WWO Wednesday: Jumping into Edits

Happy Wednesday. I hope you guys have been accomplishing your goals of late. Me, not so much. I seemed to have hit a wall last week, and have been slow to recover. Fortunately, I got my final edits back on LACRIMOSA and they are not that bad (whew!). So, my focus this week is edits. Nothing but edits. My publisher is including the first chapter as a special preview in a digital book being published next week, so I have to get the polished up chapter to them ASAP.
Good thing edits are probably my favorite part of the process. I've been through this particular manuscript so often, I could likely quote every line/ every page. But that is how it is by this point. My goal is to have this turned in my the weekend in order to make the tight turn around we have on the novel.

Then it is time to draft. My hardest thing. I always go through a sort of mini panic attack when I need to begin a new project. It's silly, really. But something about the blank page -- the uncharted waters-- always gives me pause.

Oh well, there is nothing I can do but jump in with both feet. Guess it's time to bug my CPs and have them torture me a bit to get me started. LOL!

What have you guys been working on?

Be sure to check out my crazy video on Elana's blog today. And yes, this is exactly how we talk - pretty much every day!

Oh, and I almost forgot to share more good news....

COMPASS PRESS is releasing a PRINT VERSION of DIES IRAE, along with two Channeler Series shorts (including Born of Fire) by Heather McCorkle. 

So for those of you who have been itchy for a print version of the novella, it's on its way! Release is set for March, just in time for LACRIMOSA and some other EPIC surprises, including Goodreads giveaways! While I am waiting for the giveaways to get started, go add the special edition BORN OF FIRE/DIES IRAE to your goodreads list!

WOO HOO, what a month!


  1. Lots of good stuff here! Glad you are psyched about edits. I go the other way--love to draft. Although, I don't mind revising. Have loved to see DIES IRAE all over the blogosphere! And, this post is choc full of great news!


  2. Yay! So excited for the release of the print version. And for Lacrimosa, and your new project. It's going to be a great year! If you need any help brainstorming shoot me an email.


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