Super Bowl Sunday, and the Tour...

Happy Superbowl Sunday. I hope today finds you all having fun with family and friends - and maybe even watching the game. I know I am! But, I am also on tour at the following stops:
  • Eric Stallsworth is hosting a guest post about my feelings about writing a series - Especially one I never planned.
  • BE Sanderson is hosting a guest post about my thoughts on STRESS and writing. Okay, really it is about coming face-to-face with quitting and making the choice to keep at it. 
I hope to see you around the blogosphere today. Later this week promises some fun posts and updates. I had originally planned on taking the week off in order to stick with my New Year's resolution of taking off one week a month. But with the tour and all, I am still doing a couple of posts!

Anyway, have a great one today. And, BTW - who are YOU rooting for?


  1. You wrote a great post, Christine. I'm honored to be today's stop on the tour.

    I'm rooting for the Giants, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope that they'll win.

  2. I wish I could stay home and watch the game but I have to work. :( The great part though is that I can probably find a TV there that has it on!


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