A Little Buzz-A-Thon for Christina Katz' WRITER'S WORKOUT

I'm so excited to be able to jump on board the unofficial Buzz-A-Thon for one of my favorite books - Christina Katz's latest, A WRITER'S WORKOUT.

Here's a little blurb about the book from Amazon:
The inspiration, stamina, and power to take charge of your writing life every day.Get the daily jolt of energy your writing life needs from The Writer?s Workout. Inside you'll find manageable, no-nonsense techniques for every aspect of your writing career from getting organized to connecting with your audience to building relationships.Veteran writing coach Christina Katz draws on her knowledge from more than a decade in the business to give you tips, exercises, and insider strategies to build your skills.Make your writing as strong and powerful as possible.Pitch and sell your work at every opportunity.Overcome rejection to come back better than ever.Promote your work and build an audience.Learn how to balance your creative life with your daily life.With The Writer's Workout, you'll develop skill, strength, and confidence; everything you need to build a robust, unique writing career that's built to last.
This is an amazing book that gives your writing life focus EVERY DAY. And Christina Katz is just the person to bring it to the world. She has been coaching writers for a long time. In fact, I consider her and her books some of the most influential things in my life. And although I have never seen her speak, or met her in person, I still cling to her books whenever I need a boost, some inspiration, or a little validation.

So, help me spread the word about this great little book. Go check out Christina's site for more info and find your own source of inspiration in her words.




  1. Hi Christine, I suscribe to Christina's site and this book has always intrigued me, but I have yet to order it. I love your blog and have found it very helpful - so I wanted to say thanks for nudging me - I just ordered my copy!

    Have a great day!!

    1. THANK YOU! Ainsley! I hope you enjoy her book. She always fills me with such inspiration

  2. Awesome! I loved Christina's picture--how can you not smile back at a person who SHINES like that?

  3. So, I'm a bit slow here. Sorry. I've been to conferences and seen many writing and craft related help books, but I wasn't aware there were writing coaches. I guess sort of like life coaches to guide a writer in better, more efficient ways to accomplish their overall goals, whatever those may be?

    1. Yea. Christina coaches through her books. She teaches as well - and she is fabulous. The first book I read from her - Get Known Before the Book Deal - really refined the way I looked at the BUSINESS end of writing. She is great

  4. Thank you so much, Christine! And thanks, everyone. I hope the book is helpful! :)


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