Tip Tuesday with Renee Pace - Writing In Multiple Genres

Today I am joined by Renee Pace for another installment of Tip Tuesday. Renee writes both erotica/romance and YA. She is joining us today to talk about this difficult switch and handling the jump between genres. Take it away, Renee. 

The Two Sides of a Writer
By Renee Pace

Like many authors I juggle a lot. Mother to four children, part-time work from September to May and full-time work in the summer and then of course my writing. And, like many authors I also juggle writing in two very different genres. I write erotica/romance under the name Renee Field and young adult under the name Renee Pace. I used to worry about the cross-over (sigh what if a reader finds out I write hot sensual books?). Well I’ve given up worrying. I can’t control everything in my life and while I try my best to keep the genres separate with different twitter/facebook/website accounts, I sometimes cross promote on both, especially if I’m talking about the craft of writing.

And it is that craft of writing I’d like to discuss today. My brain when I’m writing YA, which I usually write in 1st POV can only function when I’m totally focused with my teen characters. I can’t seem to switch genres. One day romance the next YA. I really wish I could, but I’ve discovered that when I do that it usually takes me a good week to get back in the head of my teenager. And that got me thinking why?  I usually work on two romance novels at the same time so why is it that switching genres is so hard for me as a writer. I think the answer lies with my investment. My romance writing is total escapism for me. I write about smart, sexy women and hunky, Alpha males usually with a paranormal twist.

My YA is always much more personal and hard hitting, and sometimes controversial. I also find I’m dredging up childhood memories, sometimes painful memories, to incorporate into my YA characters. But for 2012 I’m hoping for a lighter feel with my YA with my new series. I’m currently working on a Sci-fi YA in 1st POV and so far I’m loving it. Now, my girl in this story has her own issues but adding those sci-fi elements, which incorporate my love of the oceans and outer space is very thought provoking for me. In fact when I started to plot out how I wanted this series to go I engaged my 16 year-old in a debate. In fifty years do you think scientists will find life on other planets? Strangely we both thought yes and that got us thinking what type of life form would that be? He said something water-based and voilĂ , the story I’m working on came to life.

I’d love to hear from other authors who juggle writing in different genres. If any have tricks of the trade please let me know.

Thanks Renee for joining me and giving your advice. As an author who juggles between educational nonfiction and YA, I can relate to the difficulties. 

For a little more info:
Renee Field launched Rapture, a sensual paranormal in November 2011 on Amazon. Check out www.reneefield.com
Renee Pace launched Off Leash in October and Off Limits in December 2011 on Amazon. Check out www.reneepace.com for her YA writing.

How do you juggle multiple genres/projects?


  1. This is a great article Renee. Thanks for the introduction C!

    I write in multiple genres as well. I find that I can (usually) be drafting in one genre and revising in another, but I can't draft in two genres at the same time.

    I really loved how you described your approaches to the two genres.

  2. Thanks so much Ali for stopping by. So glad to meet other authors who are cross-genre writers!


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