Tip Tuesday - The Night Before My Launch

Wow, I really can't believe this day is here - the eve of the official launch day for my first venture into fiction. I should warn you, this post may be a little personal, and I may actually be typing it through tears. But I just wanted to share a little bit about this journey to all of you.

I always thought my first published works would be fiction. That was back when I was naive about how hard it can be to break into this industry. After attempting to get an agent with my first books, I switched gears and jumped into nonfiction, my other passion. The process was smooth in many respects, and I quickly found both an agent and a book deal. And then another. Within a couple of years, I had two books on the shelves and a bright speaking career.

But, I still had made little to no headway with my first passion - writing fiction. While I was busy breaking into nonfiction, I wrote an angel-demon story and queried it. The response was great. But not great enough. So, after a year of querying and coming VERY CLOSE with a small press, I decided to shelve the book.

Over the next year, I lived on a roller coaster. I published my second nonfiction book, had two additional nonfiction books get passed over in acquisitions, and parted ways with my agent. In my personal life, I got seriously ill, went through a fatal round of cancer with my mom, and struggled to find balance at work.

Shortly after my mom passed away, I wrote what I thought was my best work. I edited it, and queried it. For months. And like the novel before, I came very very close. But, I did not find an agent.

In a moment of desperation, I seriously considered quitting. More than once, actually. Many of you who followed this blog during that time know how much I struggled.

An then the miraculous happened. I fell into a book deal that has changed everything, breathing life into what I thought was a dead fiction career. In addition, I got a promotion at work, started several exciting new projects related to my nonfiction, and lost much of the weight that was literally holding me down.

Interesting how life turns, isn't it?

And now, on the eve of my fiction career becoming more than just an idea, I find myself humbled and thankful for the journey, with all its twists and turns. I have a long way to go before I'll achieve what I have set out to achieve. But I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to connect to readers with my fiction. And I am thankful for the reactions it is getting thus far.

What's next? Um...breathing. In and Out. Every day.


  1. So happy that your fiction writing dream has come true! You deserve all the best in your career and life. :)
    Your nonfiction emotionally intense fan,
    Monica :)

  2. I am so excited that this is finally happening for you! You are such a hard worker, and that has finally paid off :) Keep breathing!

  3. Thanks for sharing about your journey. And sorry for the hard times you've had to go through. I've gone through very similar ones (my sister died from cancer and my husband almost died in the same year) and have thought of quitting but am glad I didn't. And you're inspiring me not to.

  4. Congrats and good luck with your release, Christine! I'm so happy for you! :)

  5. It makes me so happy to hear about your good news. May this just be the start of wonderful things for you.

    -Caroline Bridges

  6. Very glad to hear your good news. I wish you great reviews, tons of sales, more books deals, and most importantly...happiness! :)

  7. Aw, great story! Can't wait to watch you take off!

  8. Christine, I checked out Jodi Meadows's interview over at Authoress's blog. She, too, mentioned having struggles that brought her close to deciding to end her writing career.

    Reading your story warmed my heart and gives me even more of an appreciation for your nonfiction and fiction writing endeavors. I wish you all the best success. Day by day, one breath in and out, you are striking out and doing what makes you happy. That is the best thing of all.

  9. You had me in tears with this story. I'm so happy you didn't give up. Your writing is amazing and it would be such a shame if you had. You're going to rock the fiction world, I have no doubt. :)


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