Teen Talk Friday - Cover Love

Welcome to the first installment of Teen Talk Friday. Okay, so today, I thought we'd talk covers - their importance, what kind of covers my teen group likes, etc.

But first, who is my teen group? Named T-Cubed (The Think Tank) by me,  my teen group consists of a group of 5 to 15 teens (it varies a lot), all between the ages of 13 and 18, mostly girls, and all in honors programs at my local high schools. They are voracious readers, and some of them what to be writers as well.

I asked my teen group the following question:

How important are book covers to you when deciding what books to buy, and what are some of your favorite covers?

Overwhelmingly, my group said that book covers were very important in getting them to check out the book. They did NOT cite covers as a reason for buying, but it is a major determiner of whether or not my teens look at the book in the first place.

As to the second part of the question - here are some of the book covers they really like:

The theme I see....blue works! LOL!

What are some of YOUR favorite colors? Do you have any questions for T-cubed? Leave them in the comments or drop me an email.


  1. My questions would be once you pull the book off the shelf, what's the first thing you read? And does that determine whether you put it back?

  2. I'm most interested in input from the guys (sorry girls), especially on the selection above.

  3. I like the intense colors and the covers that have a dreamy quality to them. :)

    My question: how does the title affect your perception of the book?

  4. Very interesting to see what covers are most popular. Unfortunately, we authors have so little say about what our covers will look like.

  5. That's awesome, and I do love some of those covers myself! (blue is my favorite color too, hah)

    My question: What does ultimately influence them to buy?

  6. I wish covers didn't matter so much. But they do. *sigh*

    Great report!

  7. Great covers and great books! I'm curious as to favorite genres, and those that they're tired of.

  8. Awesome! I love those covers too! I also love your new look here! Beautiful!


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