A Special Guestanista Review of Sprinkles and Secrets

HAPPY THURSDAY everyone!  Today, Erika (age 11) returns with her review of Lisa Schroeder's SPRINKLE AND SECRETS. But before we get to that, I wanted to give a quick WOOT to Elana Johnson and her NEW, PRETTY covers for the POSSESSION Series.
Just check this out:

The new cover for POSSESSION

The new cover for SURRENDER

What do you think?

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On to my special Guestanista Review for SPRINKLES AND SECRETS. Take it away Erika: 

SPRINKLES AND SECRETS by Lisa Schroeder is an amazing book and a great sequel to IT'S RAINING CUPCAKES. Told from a new prospective, it fills readers in on Sophie's thoughts, dreams and goals. Sophie is faced with a major dilemma that will either ruin her career or her friendship...or both. With help from new friends, and a little bit of humor along the way, she manages to keep it together. In addition to Sophie's happenings, the book answers the question that hung in the air after the first book--Did Isabelle win the contest? I just loved this book and I can't wait for the next one...there is a next one, right? There had better be...or I will be so sad. This book realy deserves another SWEET sequel (with a cherry on top!)
As Always,Erika!
Thanks for you great review Erika! She will be back with her take on another sequel in a few weeks.

Until then, what are you reading lately?

Oh! One more thing - I am over on the Pots N Pens blog talking about my favorite things. Food and writing. Check it out and see exactly what meal I would serve for some of my characters.

See you next time...

What are you reading these days?


  1. Love Elana's new book covers. So excited for her. And that's for the great review. I've heard of this series but not picked it up.

  2. Love the new covers!! Yay Elana! And what a nice review. Sounds like a great series!

  3. Hurray for Elana's AWESOME new covers--I like!!

    I loved It's Raining Cupcakes and can't wait to read this new one! :-)


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