New Year, New Look, New Schedule

Well, 2012 is well underway, and things are already fabulous! In honor of a new year - a crazy busy year - I thought I would streamline a few things related to my blogging schedule. So, I will be blogging M-F for now, but only 3 weeks a month. And, my posts are sort of following themes (just to make life easier for me.)

  • Monday - Market Watch Monday: I'll recap articles or share my thoughts related to the ever-changing business of publishing.
  • Tuesday - Tip Tuesday: This is the column for writing and publishing tips. And not just from me - but from you guys too. I'm hosting guests to share their tips as well. Interested in participating? Just drop me an email at christine(at) or leave me a comment.
  • Wednesday - Whatcha Working-On Wednesday (WWW): Time to share snippets of my work, progress on the various projects, or just share news. Gotta a question for me? This is probably where I'll answer it!
  • Thursday - Bookanista Reviews: Yep, I am sticking with my Bookanista Review Thursdays. I love sharing books, covers, author interviews - and this is where/when I will be doing it.
  • Friday - Teen Talk Friday: I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by teens every day. So, when I have a question about a story, the importance of cover blurbs, cover-art, or pop culture, I just ask them. Now, I want to share that information with you. On Fridays, I will do just that - pose a question to my teen group, and see their answers. Topics will range from writing, to stories, to pop-culture, and everything in between. It's time to let our readers weigh-in on their ideas regarding the world of YA. Gotta a question for my teens? Drop me an email at christine(at) or leave a comment.
In addition to the schedule above, I still plan on participating in blog hops, giveaway hops, my blog chain, and other fun things. So, of course, my schedule is fluid!

I mentioned above that I will be only blogging three weeks a month. That's because I am unplugging - COMPLETELY - once a month. Typically, this will be the first full week of the month, but I will always let you guys know when I am unplugged. I figure this should help with the whole balance thing, right???

And finally, I am also contributing to a few other blogs now:
  • Afterglows Book Reviews - my goal is 2 times a month
  • Downtown YA - the 12th and 26th of every month
  • An Intense Life - this is my blog related to giftedness. I am overhauling it at the moment, but I will be back at it in February, with regular posts.
Whew! What a schedule. Hopefully this will bring me closer with all of you while continuing to provide high quality content.

Do you ever look over your blogging purpose and schedule and change things up?


  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love the background and the header over here.

    I always do a Top Five Tuesday thing, and most Wednesdays are "Wordy Wednesday" with a piece of writing to talk about or show or get critiqued. All other days of the week are random. Occasionally I'll do a big photo bomb, but mostly it's just what's interesting or on my mind. So far, it seems to be working for me.

  2. Wonderful things going on here. I look forward to reading some these wonderfully themed posts.

    I changed things up at my blog, actually. Decided it would be better to post MWF, except for blogfests, guest posts or launch parties. WOOT!

  3. Great new look -- love it! And your schedule sounds fabulous. I have no doubt you'll rock this blog!

  4. I like the new blog look! Especially the header.

    I've decided to change a few things up this year on my blog; write more reviews and post more consistently. Toward the end of the year, I started to wind down and did less blogging than I should have . . .

    Good luck with your schedule!


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