I Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Post....

I have this FABULOUS Teen Talk Friday post about social networking and Teens. Sadly, it just wasn't finished in time to post it today. I have just been too insanely busy with events, real life, everything (see Monday's post for more on that...)

So, I preempted the unfinished post and decided to let you all know that DIES IRAE is up and available on Amazon. 
 I also found it up on Barnes and Noble.

WOOT! I am sort of in shock right now, as my real life and my writerly life collide via fiction. Somehow this is much more surreal than my experience with nonfiction....


Have a great weekend. I'll be back next week with my regular features, the start of the tour for Dies Irae and hopefully some actual progress with Book 2. What are you guys planning for the weekend or next week?


  1. I'll be reading it soon. I just need to finish my current read first. :D

  2. That's great, Christine. I know you've got lots on your plate so just keep up as you can.
    And Congrats on Dies Irae being up and ready for purchase. Wonderful!

  3. Such a good kind of shock! Congratulations. This weekend? Kicking this virus and santizing the heck out of the place so the kids don't get sick too!

  4. Congratulations on Dies Irae, Christine.


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