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I once read a great book about writing in which the author challenged all writers to examine why they write. And not the superficial "I write because I like it" self-examination, but a deep soul-searching that requires writers to examine all of the reasons we choose to remain in an industry that is so difficult - why we hear and respond to our "calling" to write.

You know how I love an excuse for more soul searching. So, of course I have gone through this exercise - often actually.

Most recently, before my book deal and such, I had a major crisis of faith - a moment when I was certain that quitting was the best thing for me to do. I soul searched, prayed, contemplated -
and ultimately, reaffirmed all of the reasons I continue to write -

  • Writing to me is so much more than stringing the words of a particular story together. It is my chance to explore what it means to be completely human. All aspects of this shared experience called humanity is worthy of exploration - the light and hope, as well as the shadow and darkness. Writing allows me to explore things I may never get to directly experience, as well as connect with people on a more intimate level. And I am all about connections.
  • I write for the adventure. The chance to go to new places, embrace new things, experience depths of emotion I would not otherwise know.
  • I write for the transcendence it brings - the things I learn from the story itself, from my characters, from the experience of writing, and the feedback of readers.
  • I write because although I have tried to walk away more times than I care to admit, I am inexplicably chained to the form of expression, this type of art. As my mother was tethered to her need to create through painting, I am forever linked to my need to create through words.
Your turn. Time for you to explore the reasons behind your passion. Why do you (fill in the blank)? Your answers may just surprise you!


  1. And we are all happier that you do! You've brightened my world and enlightened me, too.

  2. I write because no one listens to what I say. ;-)

  3. I really like this post. I get asked this a lot and though I am not a published writer, I still consider writing to be my life.

    Hmmm, I'm going to have to reflect on this, but for sure your response about exploring aspects of life that you normally wouldn't experience is definitely one of my reasons.

  4. Yes to all these things! I believe in the power of words and stories, and I write because I want to be a part of that greater something. I want to make those connections and explore those worlds and feelings and themes.

  5. I write because it shuts up the voices in my head, at least for a little while.

    More seriously, though, I write because I get to make so many more friends and travel to far off places and use magic and fall in love for the first time all over again. I write to become lost in a new world.

  6. I love your explorations and the journeys they send ME. Off the top of my head, I'd say I write because I'm trying to get to know myself. Writing lets me explore emotions and thoughts I've buried deep, deep inside. But I'm sure there better/more important reasons .... they would just take more thought than just this, lol.

    I love your reasons, Christine. They are beautiful and ring so true for you. ((hugs))


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