A Visit From An Angel

Wow! I can't believe Christmas is so close. And the end of 2011. Where did the year go? 

I promised that I'd share one of my favorite Christmas memories... 

When I was very young - maybe 4 or 5 - my mother (then a single parent) made these amazing shadow boxes to sell at a local craft festival during the holidays. The festival was very well-known, themed around the Renaissance period during Christmas.

On December 23 of that year, my mom let me come with her to the festival. Actually, I think I came by default - no babysitter is my guess. Regardless, I distinctly remember the different craft booths, the smells of hot chocolate and roasting chestnuts, and the beautiful costumes everyone seemed to wear. My mom and I walked around for a bit before she left me at a child-care center located within the faire. Later that night, a quartet from the Robert Shaw Chorale was singing at the festival. They walked throughout the faire, dressed in historical garb - minstrels singing the most beautiful songs.

One of their first stops was the child-care center. I remember hearing them sing and knowing that a group of angels couldn't possible sound any better. One particular singer - the soprano - stood out from the group. Her voice was more beautiful than anything I had ever heard in my young life. The minstrels finished their songs and moved on to the next booth. I couldn't bear to have them leave, so I snuck out of the center and followed them. Kate, the soprano, talked with me, held my hand and made sure I didn't get lost. I really don't remember them singing, but I do remember Kate trying to help me find my mother's booth.

After some time past - in my 5-year old mind it seemed like it was the whole night - we made our way back to the child-center, unable to find my mother's booth. Mom was waiting for me. And after she was done chastising me for leaving, she thanked Kate. Before Kate left, I pulled off the bracelet I was wearing - a special charm bracelet given to me by my grandmother. The stone of the charms spelled out the word "dear". Kate tried to refuse the present, but I told her that Christmas was about giving and since she had given me the gift of her voice, I simply had to give her the bracelet. Reluctantly, she took my gift and left.

The next day was Christmas Eve. I remember listening to a recording of the Robert Shaw Chorale over and over again. I just knew I could hear Kate's voice in the chorus, sounding every bit as angelic as she did at the festival.

The next morning, Christmas morning, I raced out of bed to see if Santa had come. Mom joined me and I opened my stocking. Tucked at the bottom of the stocking was a little package completely different from the rest. Carefully, I unwrapped the little gift until it lay in my hand - a mosaic pin with a little note.
Thank you for your kindness at the festival. You reminded me just how special Christmas and music are. Love, Kate
I couldn't believe it. How did she manage to get a present into my stocking? Surely she must be an angel.

To this day, I listen carefully anytime Joy to the World by the Robert Shaw Chorale is played, straining to see if I can hear the voice of my angelic Kate.

What special memories do you have about this season?


  1. That's a great story. Nothing specific about Christmas memories comes to mind. Nothing good, anyway.

  2. Lovely!!!! I hope you have a great holiday season.

  3. Sweet, beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  4. That is such a beautiful story. I did a Christmas story from my childhood as well over at my blog. Mine dealt with giving and how beautiful it can be as the receiver and the giver.


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