Favorite Reasons NOT to write

Happy last week of 2011. Can you believe it? I'm not certain I can!

Today I'm talking about excuses. That's right, all of the excuses we give ourselves for why we can't do what it is we want/need to do. In particular, I'm talking about excuses for not writing. You know, all those reasons you give yourself for not getting you butt in the chair and writing.

Oh come on, you know you do it - we ALL do it!

And I'm about to share my excuses with all of you (why, I don't know.....)

Okay, my top ten reasons excuses I don't write as often as maybe I "should"

10. The house/office/cave/whatever is just too noisy
{ The truth is, a headset and some blaring tunes and I can work through Armaggedon!}

9. I'm just too busy with work/life/kids/whatever
{The truth, now that I have write or die on my iPad, I can literally draft in 10 minute increments ANYWHERE - so much for that excuse}

8. I am about to launch/promote/whatever my new book - I have to focus on that
{The truth, while that is important, if I don't draft the next book, I may not have another launch to prep for. Life is about balance}

7. I've got nothing to write about
{The truth, inspiration is all around me. I simply need to open my eyes. And my mind}

6. It's hard
{The truth, nothing worthwhile is easy. And really, drafting is not hard. The words are all changeable. If I'm stuck in the "it's hard" mode, it's only because my inner editor is going a little nuts}

5. Oh, look....SHINY!
{Yes, yes - I do get distracted. But I'm committed to being a career author - so, um, this excuse won't fly!}

4. I'm stuck in the story
{When in doubt, outline. Period. So, rather than being stuck and wasting my writing time, I need to move on, outline, write out of order....something}

3. I need to work on my website/fb page/blog/whatever
{None of that matters if I am not also drafting/editing/writing}

2. So-and-so doesn't write everyday, lots of authors don't - so why should I?
{Yes, I know. Lots of authors don't. And that works for them. But, for me - I do much better if I write something - anything - every day}

1. I just don't feel like it.
{Yep, the ultimate excuse. For me, I can usually "write" my way out of the problem. And sometimes, it doesn't work. But I ALWAYS feel better for the attempt.}

The Bottom Line:
I am the queen of excuses at times. But, I've set some lofty goals for my writing future. AND I have some serious, fast deadlines - deadlines I am only going to make if I demonstrate a little discipline.

Guess it's time to tame my excuses a bit.

What are your favorite excuses not to write?

And, for the record, I am NOT saying it is necessary to write everyday, every other day, or whatever. I think it is important to figure out what works best for YOU as a writer - and do that.


  1. Wow. I think you have them covered. But how about it's time to take down the Christmas decorations.

  2. You have definitely covered all of mine. Lol. Wow.

  3. There are so many excuses but, bottom line, we're writers so we write. :)

  4. My excuses are always "I'm tired" or, well, the shiny does distract me, too.

  5. Firstly, it's good to see your blog back! Glad that was sorted out quickly!

    Secondly, these excuses are spot on. I've used a number of these myself. I'd add the sneaky version of an excuse like "I'll write after I do ___first." Of course, then I never get to the actual writing. :P

  6. I just get all "Oh! Shiny object!"

  7. Yeah, you got me with the "I'm too busy with..." excuse. That's what I usually say. Weak excuse, I know...and I'm working on it a little at a time :-)

  8. I totally agree with all of those! Definitely #1 - I just don't feel like it. So many times I have wanted to write, but at the same time I haven't felt like writing and nothing gets down. This is such a great idea to identify what keeps us from writing. I might use this idea on my blog to figure out what else stops me. :) Thanks for this!

  9. it's comforting to know i'm not the only one with these excuses...thanks


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