Dear Christine, What a year!

Dear Christine of 2010 - 

2011 is going to be harder than you think. You will be faced with darker feelings, harder times, bigger obstacles. But, don't be afraid. Don't hide in your room, under the covers and wait for it to be over. You'll want to - oh man, will you want to.

But now is not the time for that. 

Now is the time to square your shoulders and face each blow. Now is the time to stand up, no matter how often you are knocked down. There are great things on the horizon for you, but only if you are willing to stand up once again.

You will want to cry, scream, wail. And you will do all of those things. It will be harder than you know, harder than you think possible.

You will also want to laugh, cheer, jump for joy. And you will. Often.

You will meet friends and build connections. You will change and grow.

And you'll miss your mom even more.

But you will also speak with her in your heart. Every day. She will be closer than you can imagine. And she will help you in ways you won't believe.

So, Christine of 2010. Be ready. 2011 will be a hard year. And a blessed year. It will start with great sadness, deep grief. And it will end will great joy, and profound love. You will grow more than you ever have, and deepen your understanding of life.

Be ready. Be prepared. And be open - to everything.

Christine of 2011.


  1. Beautiful. So glad the end was full of joy! Congrats on your deal!

  2. That is so beautiful! I'm so glad to have been part of the positive part of 2011 for you!


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