My Fav Dark Stories and The Winner of The Spooktacular Giveaway

I so happy to be part of the Dark YA Blogfest sponsered by YAtopia this month! Today we are supposed to blog about our favorite dark YA books. 

OOHH!!! Love this. As I mentioned on Monday, I love to write psychological thrillers and dark stories. Well, guess what - I also like to read them.

I grew up reading Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley.  Their stories sent chills down my spine and made me jump at every unknown sound in the house. These authors clearly understood the power of exploring the abyss, not to mention the art of crafting suspense.

More recently, I have fallen in love with Gretchen McNeil, Mary Pearson, and Suzanne Collins to tempt with with their dark stories. While there stories don't necessarily involve monsters, they are dark. Each one of them forces the reader to confront the more base nature of humanity, and they do so with amazing artistry.

In particular, I loved POSSESS by Gretchen McNeil and the FOX INHERITANCE by Mary Pearson. Both stories were creeptastic in their own special way. And Gretchen's next book - TEN - is an amazing dark read!

And since we are talking about POSSESS and the FOX INHERITANCE, I think it's time to announce the winner of the SPOOKTACULAR Giveaway that ended on Monday - 


CONGRATS! I will be sending out your books soon. Did I mention they were signed???

What are your favorite dark reads???


  1. Great choices Christine! This is such a fun bloghop! Ok, must add these to my goodreads list lol.

  2. Sounds like we grew up reading the same books! I haven't read either of your blogfest choices but they sound great so I'm adding them to my list! Among my favorites is The Hunger Games, though I chose different books because I feared everyone would choose that series.

  3. I've always loved Mary Shelley. My current favorite is Savannah Grey by Cliff McNish. SO, SO GOOD!!! :-)

  4. Mmm, Poe! He was a master of atmosphere. Love it!

    I'm getting Fox Inheritance from the library today. So I'm very excited!

  5. Mary Shelley really gave me the goosebumps. I haven't read either of the books you've mentioned but I've been eyeing them for a while now. I need to read The Adoration of Jenna Fox before that, though.

  6. Wait, why do I not know about the Fox Inheritance? Seriously. Why?? I loved Possess. Thanks for joining the blogfest, beauty.

  7. I've never read either but will add them to my TBR list. I love the covers :)


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