Why I Love to Write Thrillers

Happy Halloween!
When I finished TRANSCEND, my YA psychological thriller, I accomplished more than finishing another novel - I found one of my favorite genres to write.

Psychological thrillers

I guess it is no surprise that I like to write stories with a strong psychological theme - stories that make you question the functioning of your own mind. But I didn't realize how much I enjoyed writing thrillers. I love leading the reader down an unreliable path - making them follow a particular lead only to find out their assumptions were wrong in the end. I love the suspense and drama involved in a good psychological thriller. And I really love crafting a believable, yet unreliable, narrator.

But what makes a good psychological thriller?

  • Suspense. 
  • A twist you don't see coming but makes total sense in the end. 
  • Strong emotions. 
  • Authentic characters.
  • An interesting plot

All of these are important elements I tried to create in TRANSCEND. I spent a lot of the revision process honing in to each of these elements and reading for that within the novel. Based on reader feedback, I think I achieved at least some of what I was going for.

My NaNo novel is another psychological thriller. And man-oh-man - I CAN'T WAIT to start!

What is your favorite genre to write? Why?


  1. Good for you! I don't think I could write a thriller. My favorite to write is probably fantasy or Christian young adult fiction. :) Happy Halloween!

  2. You had me at psychological thriller.

    I'm more of a sci-fi and fantasy kind of guy, and a lot of pst-apocalyptic type stuff.

  3. Ooh, fun! I love the psychological thrillers, too.

    To write, though, I most like women's fiction and narrative non-fiction.

  4. I don't think I could write one, but I do like reading psych thrillers! I love most things with a good psych tendency - probably why I enjoy Criminal Minds so much and why I majored in Psych! :)

    I'm a fantasy writer though. I love the possibilities magic offers.

    Oh and you win. I'm doing NaNo. I reactivated my account and everything. I'm kangaru.

  5. Oooooo, goosebumps! And that shot of Jack Nicholson is one of the all-time best scenes in horror!! :-)

  6. I like to write suspense, but I haven't ventured into the psychological side of things. I do find that genre fascinating to read. (New follower.)
    Happy Halloween!

  7. Exciting. Hope querying your book is successful. I'd love to read it.


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