WHOA! What happened to October???? (or, Man, I meant to finish that draft this month. Shoot!)

Happy Weds! Well, here we are...a mere few days from NaNo and NO! I have NOT finished drafting COLLIDE. Darn it all! I really wanted to have that done by the end of October. But, since I am only about 35% of the way through it (oh, and it IS a train wreck) it isn't going to happen.
But, never fear, I am going to finish it in December after NaNo. The truth is, I LOVE the story, so I must finish it.
On Friday I am going to talk about my NaNo plans. I am super excited for that story too.
So, to recap my plans for the end of the year:

  1. Finish COLLIDE
  2. Write NaNo novel - BEAUTIFUL MALICE
  3. Revising sekrit project. Hoping to have deets by the end of the year
  4. Yea, another sekrit project I am hoping to be able to talk about more by the end of the year.
As you can tell, I am really trying to finish strong! And I have about 12 events over the next few months too (you can check out the events page for info)! WHEW!!!

What are you plans through the end of the year???


  1. Well, I had hoped to finish my current project by my birthday...which was 7 weeks ago. That didn't happen. Hopefully I'll have that done by the end of the year...really hoping.

  2. I'm almost finished my draft. I should be finished it next week. But that's okay. I'm not doing NaNo. Can't. I haven't finished my prep work and we're going away for a week in November. That's a lot of lost writing time. :P

    Good luck with Beautiful Malice. Love the title!!!!

  3. I was hoping to have my WIP revision finished in time for NaNo, but alas (doncha just love that word), I can't. I thought about it last night and decided to bow out of NaNo. Even if I type my fingers to the bone, I'm 15 chapters into a 32 chapter revision. Right now, I can't afford to split my focus for another book.

    Good luck and success with your NaNo, Christine. I'll be cheerleading from the sidelines this year.

  4. I feel the same way, only I was supposed to be finished in August! Talk about over the deadline >.<

    So the new plan is to have the full, edited MS to my critters for the last round by the end of November. Work on the query and synopsis in December. Start sending my baby out in January (ep!).

    Good luck getting all your goals for the end of the year! And enjoy NaNo! :D

  5. To finish my MG fantasy novel and to complete a nano novel. Very ambitious, but I figure if you don't aim high, you never know what you might have accomplished.

  6. Not dying. That is my plan for the next 67 days. Good luck with your stuff! I know you'll prevail.

  7. My plans are . . .

    I don't really make plans. I just sorda hold onto a general notion for an indefinite amount of time and revise it as I inevitably fall behind on whatever I'd intended to get done.


  8. 1. Finish my wip.

    2. Sell my agented novel.

    I'm thinking I can get at least half that list accomplished before January. ;)

  9. Finish my WIP by the end of the year. And possibly, I am considering NaNo. It is so crazy, but I kind of want to do it? Darn you Shiny New Idea!

  10. Yeah, I'm with you. Where did the month go? Le sigh as I do what I can for my current unfinished first draft for UNCOMMON and get ready for NaNo. Deep breaths now...deep breaths.

  11. I agree, where did the month go? I'm still scrambling to decide if I can do NaNo with the amount of work I've got to do next month. I hope that you can get it finished! :)


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