Surviving the Query Process and a sneak peek at TRANSCEND

So, I've been officially querying for a month now. It really hasn't been too bad - just the normal send and wait. Send and wait. I've had requests and rejections. Gotten excited and freaked. All normal for this stage of the game.

I'm not new to this game. But, man, I DID forget how crazy it sort of makes me. And since I gave up chocolate, sugar, and alcohol, my usual treatments for the angst are out!

So, I'm finally taking my own advice and staying uber busy writing. I have two projects in the hopper at the moment - one I have outlined for NaNo, and one I am drafting right now in the hopes of finishing it by October 31. I know, CRAZY - but I am certainly giving it my best attempt (I just broke through the 10K mark!). I have progress meters on my left sidebar - so feel free to cheer me on, or kick me in the rear if I'm stalling on my progress. I can't share too much about either project just yet - suffice it to say I am sticking to the psych. thriller genre for now.

And speaking of NaNo, whose participating this year? My username is christinef (original, yes) - friend me. Gosh knows I will need ALL the encouragement I can get

Oh, one last thing this Weds - I thought I'd share a very small snippet of TRANSCEND, the book I am querying -

 Pain, blinding and hot, sears through me as my thoughts float above the scene. The air clings to me. Ash and soot choke the oxygen from my lungs. Everywhere there is nothing but darkness – an endless oblivion that envelops me and blocks out everything but the agony I can’t ignore.My thoughts are quiet, but not calm. There is a terror on the edge of the silence, a terror fed by my burning flesh and the stench of death. Time races by in a haze. Nothing exists but the raw emotions I can’t escape, battering me against the shores of unconsciousness. Until, impossibly, the silence is broken.“Ien, I’m here…I’m here.”The voice raises a familiar longing.“Please Ien. You can’t leave me. Not now.”Kiera. Her voice fills the void inside, willing me back to existence. I fight the heavy emptiness bearing down on me as I concentrate on my lungs, forcing them to respond. Every gulp of air I manage to take sets me aflame while wave upon wave of misery tears pieces of flesh from my body.

So, there you go - a hint at the story. Thoughts? And how do you survive the query game??


  1. Thanks for sharing the snippet. I really enjoyed it and want to know what happens.

    I haven't queried every yet, so can't give you any advice. I'm hoping to start after the first of the year. I'm trying to steal myself for the reality of "no" and start my new project and be busy like you.

  2. I LOVE the snippet, Christine. :D

    I'm happily NOT querying right now. I'm in no rush (especially since I haven't finished my edits).

    I'm not participating in NaNo, but I am hoping to return to planning my SNI next month. Right after I watch the homework you assigned me. ;)

    Good luck with the querying, Christine!!!!

  3. Awesome sneak peak! I'm not participating in NaNo this year, but I'll be cheering you on!

  4. Querying was making me crazy for awhile and then I started writing another book and now I go a few days, even a week without checking my query email. Writing another book totally works!

    I liked your story snippet.

  5. Okay, that's just mean. I want more, Christine!! Great snippet. :-)

  6. I'm currently polishing up the synopsis (too hard), query letter and manuscript and hope to start querying by end of the month.

    Definitely doing NaNo. I love it. My user name there is Lost Wanderer. See you there!

  7. I loved that snippet. Very nice indeed.

    I am still working 2 WiPs and have decided I better plot out my NaNo piece so I'll retain parts of my sanity for my chipmunk. My username is dragonfang77. By the way, I'm new at NaNo and was looking but couldn't see if the friend-thing was up so I could friend you. I saw something called Writer Buddies was still under construction.


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