I am so excited to be part of the Pay it Forward blogfest today. Brainchild of Matt (theqqqe blog) and Alex (Alex J Cavanaugh blog) this blogfest is a chance to find new, under appreciated blogs. Each of us was supposed to highlight three blogs we LOVE - preferably, unknown or newly discovered blogs. SWEET! I can't wait to hop around and find new places to hang out :D

For my three, I thought I'd bring three blogs I have followed for a while - ones I don't talk about often, but ones I really love reading every week:

  1. Laura Diamond at Diamond - Lucid Dreamer. Laura always has fabulous posts about her day job (psychologist) and writing, her journey in publication and her feelings about writing. She inspires and puts into words so much of the feelings about writing. GREAT JOB Laura
  2. Jen Merrill  at Laughing at Chaos. Jen predominately blogs about being the parent of gifted and 2E kids. But, I KNOW she as writing aspirations (and yes, I keep pushing her in that direction). She is easily one of the funniest writers I have EVER read. Her blogs regularly make me smile, laugh, and nod in agreement. Do yourself a favor and check her out - you WILL NOT be disappointed!
  3. Angela Brown at In Pursuit of Publishness. I have just recently started following Angela's blog, after meeting her through the Platform Building Campaign. Her posts are real, authentic, and wise. I love her thoughts about writing, her journey, and life. GREAT JOB Angela
And there you go - three of my favorite, lessor known blogs.

What are you favs?
Want more amazing blogs to follow? Just check out this list:


  1. I just started following Angela's blog too and really like it.

  2. Christine! Thanks so much for taking part. You've listed some awesome blogs here.

  3. I don't know any of these! Wow. I'm off to make some new friends. :-)

  4. I’m now following you from the Pay It Forward Blogfest.

  5. Great choices, Christine. Have a great weekend!

  6. Great picks, have seen one as I continue blog hopping about will check the others out.

  7. i missed the pay it forward hop, so stopping by fashionably late! nice to meet u christine :)


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