How do you prepare for NaNo?

So, here we are, three short days from the start of NaNoWriMo and I am wondering what else I should be doing to get ready? But before you rush in and answer that, let me tell you what I HAVE done to date, and what I am doing over the weekend to prepare:


  • Outlined the book - now before you get pictures of some massive document in your head, let me reel you in! My outlines are bullet points of the plot points, the characters, what happens per chapter/scene, approximate page count for each point point, any specific style elements (tense, POV, etc)
Yea, that's it.


  • Blogging for the MONTH. On both blogs - Yes, I will check them over the night before, but I know from experience this is really going to help me
  • Prep all November events - I have TONS of events this month! Having them prepared ahead of time will help keep me organized
  • Clean out email
  • Warn the family!!!
  • Illness - though we are trying to keep everyone healthy
  • Work fiasco - yea, thus are unavoidable from time to time. Best thing to do? Be FLEXIBLE
  • A change of plans due to super sekrit things I can't talk about - yea, nothing I can do about any of that too.
So, that's it...the plan to get prepared for NaNo.

What are you doing? Have I missed anything?


  1. Wow, you are in for a crazy weekend, Christine. :D

  2. You're so organized. I only decided earlier today that I'd do it this year again. I didn't have a project I felt passionate about enough to commit to for an entire month. Then, suddenly, it came together. I'm going to try some of your steps in the few short days that are left!

  3. You have such an organized approach, especially with the blogs for the month and all. Though I wasn't going to TOTALLY wing it, I was going to just allow myself a little flexibility.

    I have warned my family. That was the main thing that needed to happen. The story, I was going to put the outline on paper this weekend so I don't try the complete pantser approach and end up with nothing that can work.

    This is going to be - ahem - interesting.

  4. I should try to write blog posts. All I need to get ready for Nano is a story idea. That's it.

  5. Super sekrit plans? Sounds awesome!

    You're so much farther than I am re: NaNo. I'm hoping to do some planning tonight. Maybe some bullet points and naming and stuff. Then I'm going to get all geared up and rest for a few days before next Tuesday!!

    We are so going to rock this.

  6. Love your prep, especially about pre-scheduled blog posts. I'll have to see if I can prepare some before all the madness starts.

    Wait, what am I talking about? I don't even know if I'm doing it yet! Still on the fence (despite your CAPS LOCKY encouragement last post)! :)

  7. Blogging for the MONTH?! Wow! Not only is that incredibly impressive, it's unfathomable to me! I can't even believe how much time blogging for a week takes. I'm impressed at all your other preparations, too. Sounds like it's going to be a great month for you!

  8. Mostly I outline. The story I'm going to be working on is actually a sequel to the one I'm querying now, so I already know the characters and it'll be really easy to get it done, I think. But it's still really helpful to know what's going on instead of going in blind--or, if not blind, without the cool little scenes you'll end up adding :)

  9. Wow. I'm impressed with the blog preparation. I actually love writing little short updates during NaNo on my blog. Makes me laugh. Hopefully gives my blog buddies a giggle, too, as they revel in the amount of junk I'm ingesting and how much I grow to hate my characters in such a short time. lol

    I outlined this time around. And warned the family, but we'll see if that helps.

  10. Ooh. And I need to name my characters. Hmm. Maybe I have more prepping ahead of me than I realized.

  11. Blogging for the month seems like a brilliant idea! I may end up trying to do something similar.

    In terms of what I have done for NaNoWriMo....not enough. I wanted to do an outline and character cards. I may work on that while I'm at work today.

    Still have to warn the family. The hubby already knows. Last year we were not married at this point, so he has no idea what to expect. I feel kind of bad.

  12. I'm doing the scene cards for the first time ever. I'm pinning them to my cork board in order of plot with understanding I can move them around if necessary. It's the Save the Cat technique.
    Good luck with your NaNo-ing! :)


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