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Hi everyone!

So, as I told you guys on Monday, I am winding down my current project and getting ready to throw it out into the world. I've played in the query pond before - felt the sting of rejection, wallowed in the funk that often accompanies this aspect of the business. In fact, I think I nearly killed with writerly BFFs with my angst during that time.

But, as Nichole Giles so eloquently put it earlier this week, I am not ready to jump onto the self-publishing bandwagon just yet....
which means I have to be willing to jump into the query pond!

So, as I prepare to take that leap of faith, I decided that the only way to NOT drive my friends nuts, I need to work on something - a shiny new project.

One problem.

I got nothing.

My solution?

It's time to go back to my writing practices and see what "comes up". That is, after all, how TRANSCEND found me.
Using some things from Julia Cameron's THE ARTIST'S WAY, as well things from Natalie Goldberg's WILD MIND, I am reaching into my inner well of creativity (yea, I usually feel like that well is dry - but I'll try none the less), following Natalie's rules for writing exercises and going for it!

What are the rules, you ask? Here you go:
·         Keep your hand moving – no stopping or stalling, just keep it moving
·         Lose control – no editing allowed
·         Be specific – get below the initial layer to something deeper
·         Don’t think – no second thoughts for this practice…no trying, just doing
·         Don’t worry about grammar – that is for the editing process, not the initial practice
·         Free yourself to write the worst stuff around – no putting pressure or expectations on yourself
·         (I love this one) – Go for the jugular – do not shy away from the scary stuff…embrace the freedom of it all.

Pretty brilliant, yes! Whose ready to join me and get some daily writing in? You never know what story is just waiting for you to pay attention to it. 

**Taken from Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life, 1990.


  1. That's so awesome you finished your project. It's scary throwing it out to the world, but something we must do. I'm hoping to get there soon.

    Good luck coming up with an idea. That's hard for me to sometimes. Or getting them developed enough to sit down an write.

  2. I started The Artist's Way and I loved it...but I sucked at it too. Your bullet points are resonating in my brain and I might need to email you from time to time for inspiration. I am so in on moving forward!

  3. Great news about the completion of your novel. And you can do it! You can find your place in the query world. When I posted my piece about Rallying after Recjection, I was amazed to find out how so many writers get rejected a dozen times, a hundred times, even a thousand times. But they did not want to go the self-pub route and eventually found there agent/publisher.

    I'll be honest with you, the platform-building challenge sparked a story idea for me. A little seed planted and it's waiting for me to finish my current WIP UNCOMMON so I can give it some true focus.

  4. You know I'm in! We're going to conquer the world, baby.

  5. Those are great! And I'll be writing madly right along with you! And hey, no taking over the world without me. ;)

  6. *raises hand*

    Sounds like fun. Yay for new projects.


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