Hello, My Name Is Christine...

Hi everyone! I am so honored and humbled by everyone I'm meeting both through the Campaign and the giveaway blog hop (which ends tonight - so enter if you haven't. Click here for more info). Since the campaign started, I have a slew of new followers. (THANK YOU!)

So, with all the new people around here I thought I should do what several of my fellow campaigners have done, and tell you a little about myself.

So, here it is - all you wanted to know about me, and a few things you probably didn't!

The Basics - 
  • I'm a school psychologist by day, working predominately with kids aged 8-18. My areas of specialty are behavior analysis, working with problems like anxiety and school phobia, and giftedness.
  • Addition to the day job, I am a wife (married 23 years in Nov.) and mother of 2 beautiful girls - my teen and my tween.
  • Yea, I'm also kind of a "soccer mom", taking active roles in the various things my kids do.
  • And yes, I am a part-time taxi-driver, taking the kids to cross country, soccer games, etc, etc, etc
  • I have two books published - both non-fiction, and both related to gifted kids. I am currently trying to switch into a fiction genre and getting ready to query my current YA Gothic novel, TRANSCEND.
My Loves - In addition to the things I have to do (see above), there are plenty of things I LIKE to do:
  • I love to read and am part of the Bookanistas, a group of writers that blog only GOOD reviews of the books they love. The books I'm currently reading - Falling for Hamlet, and How to Save A Life.
  • I love to cook, though I don't do it nearly enough. Thank goodness for husbands that like to cook.
  • I love to write - though I will admit I get angsty with my writing at times.
  • I love to garden, not that you can tell by the weeds covering my garden at the moment. Yea, I've learned there are only so many hours in the day.
Some Things You May Not Know
  • I used to work in fashion a LONG time ago.
  • I used to model as a teen and new adult.
  • I have three or four friends that I really only know online, and yes...they are closer to me than almost anyone else in my life. We talk...um...daily!
  • I love to surf (though I am lousy at it) and scuba dive, and dream of diving on the Great Barrier Reef.
  • If I had more time, I would spend a lot more time at the beach. Just sayin....
So there you go - Me!

What to know anything else?? Just ask!


  1. I didn't know you were campaigning this time around! Yay! (Forgive me, I've been insanely busy and should have known this)

    Welcome to the Campaign ^_^

  2. Nice to meet you! Your job sounds fascinating. I like working with children and teens. And congrats on finding a husband who likes to cook.. I'm jealous!

  3. I learned something new about you today - yay! When I was little, for a couple of months, I wanted to be a model. Never did grow tall enough to be one - I'm just under 5 foot at 4 foot 11 3/4 (seriously, I still will never understand why my doctors over the years have never just said 5 foot.)

  4. Surfing? Really? I did not peg you for a surfer. ;)

  5. I would totally spend more time on the beach too! Not many good beaches in Iowa though. :)

  6. A fashionista into a psychologist--too cool! I bet you get to work on all those IEPs as well. :P Loved the share-out!

  7. I can totally see you as a surfer girl! You have a real zest for life that seems to suit the whole surfer vibe (to my mind).

  8. Hey there! Nice to meet you. Sorry I'm so late doing rounds (properly). I'm in your YA group - although I'm not exclusively a YA writer ; )


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